The Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU leak gives the RTX 4080 a CUDA core upgrade

The Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU leak gives the RTX 4080 a CUDA core upgrade ...

A Nvidia RTX 4080 potential specs upgrade has arrived, and the upcoming GeForce graphics card will appear with fewer CUDA cores than previously planned. The remainder of the RTX 4000 GPU specs appear to be fine for now, but the change suggests that green teams gaming PC intentions are still in tact.

The latest RTX 4080 leak, like most other RTX 4000 leaks, comes from Kopite7kimi, who lists revised specs based on insider information. Again, the AD102 configuration hasnt completely changed, but it will now supposedly pack 9,728 CUDA core instead of 10,240.

This isnt the first RTX 4080 downgrade, as earlier spec estimates call for a whopping 14,080 CUDA cores. However, the most recent information maintains that the system will come equipped with 16GB GDDR6X VRAM, a 256-bit memory bus, and a total power draw of 420W.

Nvidia's RTX 4000 ambitions are still subject to change, so wed advise waiting for an official announcement before clinging to specific specs. The RTX 4070 is also expected to arrive with revised specs, as it will now sport 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM and can apparently keep up with the RTX 3090 Ti.

Both AMD and Nvidia's next best graphics cards are expected to be released in the next few months, and both models are expected to be released later this year. The speculation isn't quite sure about a next-gen GeForce ETA.

Insiders anticipate the RTX 4090 to arrive first, but there's reason to believe it'll be the only RTX 4000 GPU to arrive in 2022. That means we might have to wait till next year for the RTX 4060, RTX 4070, and RTX 4080, but when you consider the mixed-up nature of current speculation, it's best to wait for something official.