Fallout 4 mod Fallout London is now available (kind of)

Fallout 4 mod Fallout London is now available (kind of) ...

Fallout 4 mod Fallout London is set to be a full-tilt, fan-made follow-up to Bethesdas' iconic RPG series, and although it will not be released until 2023, you may still test out some of its weapons, armor, and even a short quest right now.

The Fallout London team has released a Fallout 4 mod pack that includes a variety of game assets with a distinct, and highly appreciated, British flair. The remainder of Fallout Londons assets, from weapons to costumes, are similarly tinted with a unique and comically exaggerated national identity.

There's a Bren Gun, a cricket bat, a Wimbledon-inspired tennis racket (make sure you have the appropriate quip ready) and a shotgun (or even a medieval knight) in your settlements. This will guarantee royal prestige.

The new NPC, Nick the Merchant, was thought to be named after wheeler-dealer Nick the Greek from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and once you complete the quest, Roberts your fathers brother all of the Fallout London guns and costumes will be available.

The Fallout London assets pack is now available on Nexus Mods, making it an excellent way to keep you entertained while waiting for the Fallout 5 release date. You may also wish to try out something different from our list of the greatest RPG games elsewhere in Bethesda World.