The Director of MultiVersus Game Confirms When Big Nerfs Will Arrive

The Director of MultiVersus Game Confirms When Big Nerfs Will Arrive ...

MultiVersus is a platform fighter that offers just enough funny characters and combat to keep players coming back. However, as more players join the open beta, gamers are discovering certain characters that appear to be stronger than others. For example, Taz's tornado move was previously problematic. Now, two characters have been identified by many gamers as needing major changes.

Finn and Bugs Bunny are the most frustrating characters for many MultiVersus players at the moment, as his moves were almost instantly identified as being mostly overpowered. The hate for Adventure Time's Finn grew later, as players began to realize how large his hitboxes were and how his backpack swing was taking precedence over many other characters' attacks. Now, Game Director Tony Huynh has gone into more detail on when these changes may occur.

After Huynh shared an online-only fix for some issues with Tom and Jerry and Jake the Dog, another fan asked when a nerf for Finn might be on the way. Hyunh replied that the multiversus team is planning to make changes, but that these will be in phases, as Player First Games investigates the hitbox and hurtbox systems in the game as a whole.

Following these major changes, players will likely have tighter gameplay as a whole following the 2022 EVO tournament.

MultiVersus Season 1's first proper battle pass was supposed to launch on August 9, alongside Morty as a playable character, but was postponed due to no reason or updated release date given to fans. This could be because Player First Games wanted to rectify the issues they are currently discussing in the MultiVersus meta.

MultiVersus is now available in an open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.