Super Mario 64 Is Transformed Into a Horror Game

Super Mario 64 Is Transformed Into a Horror Game ...

Super Mario 64 has worn out some of its visual effects over the previous quarter of a century. However, its legacy continues to live today. Along with the ability to stretch and change the titular plumber's face, the game has become a landmark entry in the long-running Nintendo series.

According to a Nintendo Life article, a project called "Another Princess is in Our Castle" is currently in the works and basically transforms Super Mario 64 into a horror game. At one point, a ghostly Princess Peach bursts through the door, killing the player. A retry shows that Mario can hide in a chest when the spectral princess arrives.

The ability to hide from enemies, playing in first-person, and the ability to avoid enemies are all games that were inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The Mario 64 project itself is quite interesting and frightening, but there is still a demo available for anyone who wants to watch it.

Given Nintendo's most lucrative franchise's history, it's unlikely that fans are considering migrating the games or even modifying their own versions. Not long ago, someone even included Mario from Mario 64 in Garry's Mod. However, there are still people who are speedrunning the games as well, and there's a good possibility that the fastest time has already been achieved.

"Another Princess is in Our Castle," which is regarded as one of the greatest 3D games of the 1990s, alongside the likes of Ocarina of Time and Half-Life, helped shape the era of fully 3D games in an industry that was still finding its feet.

Super Mario 64 was released for Nintendo 64 in 1996.