Midnight Fight Express will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass

Midnight Fight Express will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass ...

Midnight Fight Express released a new teaser during the Summer Game Fest Livestream, along with a release date: on August 23, we may well be playing our way through a brawling ballet.

Midnight Fight Express will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass on August 23, 2018. Babyface is a former criminal who was persuaded to return to his life by a strange AI drone.

Fight your way across the city before daylight and stop a combined criminal takeover of the whole city, which is your impossible goal.

To participate in a brutal and hyperkinetic brawling ballet, make the most of every available resource, including the environment and street fighting techniques. Improve your skills to defeat the growing wave of idiots, cronies, and criminals.

Are you planning to board the Midnight Fight Express in August?

Midnight Fight Express has the feel of an armory, with weapons I could swing or toss at my foes, as well as items I could slay opponents or throw them off of.

When I threw explosive items at them in one area, enemies became pink giblets immediately, while I used moving subway vehicles to ensure their quick demise in another.

I experienced a surge of excitement every time I entered a new room as I wondered what playground of destruction awaits me on the other side of the eight levels.

I was constantly expanding my deadly abilities, which would be displayed in the next location on the side of a cretin's skull.

One skill allowed me to parry and block incoming blows, another made my attack combos more deadly, and my personal favorite allowed me to do incredible damage to wounded foes with extremely elegant finishing maneuvers.

I was proficient at avoiding attacks, parrying them, and brutally dispatching my foes in a series of deft movements that gave me the impression that I could conquer the whole world, even when my face was occasionally peeled off like that Raiders of the Lost Ark character.

All of this was done with a tiny percentage of the available abilities!