KJ Apa of Riverdale shocks fans with his dramatic hair change

KJ Apa of Riverdale shocks fans with his dramatic hair change ...

After five years on air, Riverdale is coming to an end, and if KJ Apa's latest selfie is anything to go by, Archie Andrews is gone.

KJ Apa has revealed a dramatic new look on social media following Riverdale's mind-bending season six conclusion, announcing a "reset" to fans.

KJ showed off his newly-shaved head on Instagram last week, biding his final goodbyes to the iconic red hair from Archie Andrews.

Before confirming that his new appearance will play him in the next motorcycle racing film One Fast Move, he wrote "Reset."

KJ Apa (@kjapa) has shared a tweet.

Apa will play a dishonourably discharged soldier in One Fast Move, which was announced last month. He decides to reconcile with his estranged father and pursue his passion for Supersport motorcycles.

Apa's character meets a small-town aspiring singer who quickly turns his world upside down, breaking down the walls he'd constructed while growing up with an absent father.

Only when KJ and the rest of the cast return for the final season of the show, they'll be in (SPOILER!) 1955.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, showrunner, explained how the characters' journey to the 1950s started.

"We discussed it in the room and we were like, 'Oh, please, maybe we should return and re-certify everybody back to school?" he added.

"So we decided: What if we return to high school, but instead of high school in the present, we make it high school in the 1950s, which is how many people think of the Archie characters?"

Riverdale is shown on The CW in the United States and will conclude with Season 7. You can stream it on Netflix in the United Kingdom.