Fortnite automobiles are strewn into the stratosphere

Fortnite automobiles are strewn into the stratosphere ...

Fortnite vehicles are suddenly falling prey to recently unvaulted crash pads, as Epics battle royale players take advantage of the new, bouncy, and highly volatile bouncy blocks.

Players, vehicles, and even missiles striking a crash pad will be launched into the sky, but the pads also eliminate fall damage. That means you may jump on them with reckless abandon for our money, the finest kind of abandon, and, if you get enough crash pads in one place, you'll achieve some frankly stratospheric speed and height.

TheBestFiras posted a video on Reddit showing them putting twelve Crash Pads down before crashing into the road at an all-time high. The car then crashes into the water with such force that the camera goes into first-person mode.

BXTwo2 did something similar with a trio. All three get in a bus and drive to some pads before being launched onto an island at a far away point. Although we're not 100% sure this is a viable competitive strategy, it does make for some entertaining moments.

In other Fortnite news, Epic's voting system for The Block has a substantial flaw that might be putting the country's democracy at jeopardy. But Fortnite does feature alongside many other great shooters on our list of the best battle royale games. But if you prefer something less run and gun, you might consider trying something from one of the best multiplayer games instead.