Vicky McClure of Line of Duty stars in the first look at ITV thriller Without Sin

Vicky McClure of Line of Duty stars in the first look at ITV thriller Without Sin ...

ITV has released the first look at the new thriller Without Sin, starring Vicky McClure from Line of Duty.

McClure plays Stella Tomlinson, a drained mother who begins a relationship with her teenage daughter's murderer in the four-part drama that will launch on ITVX.

Stella's 14-year-old daughter is discovered dead at their family's house with the bloodied, hooded figure of Charles Stone (Johnny Harris) standing over her.

Without Sin is set three years after Stella's daughter's death and depicts her on a daily basis while wracked with guilt and remorse.

Stella has chosen to live a nocturnal existence. She works as an Uber driver and is separated from her husband Paul, who still lives in the family home.

Stella and Paul meet to discuss a taped recording of Charles, who they believe wants to apologize for killing their daughter. Stella then decides to return to her mother Jessie and best friend Remy, before going further with Charles.

She has agreed to travel to the prison alongside a Restorative Justice Mediator and meets Charles face-to-face, but "nothing will prepare her for what he will have to say next."

Without Sin is produced by Left Bank Pictures and BYO Films and directed by Frances Poletti, a newcomer.

McClure said at the time of the drama's premiere: "We're absolutely delighted that a hugely successful company such as Left Bank Pictures wanted to work with us, sharing the same values as BYO's desire to achieve equality of opportunity."

"I'm also thrilled to be collaborating once again with my good friend, Johnny Harris, who is one of the UK's best actors, and members of Nottingham's The Television Workshop. To be filming in my hometown is a dream come true."

Line of Duty series 1-6 is now available on BBC iPlayer, and DVD and Blu-ray boxsets are also available for purchase.