The Garfield film by Chris Pratt has an official release date

The Garfield film by Chris Pratt has an official release date ...

Chris Pratt, who plays Mario in Super Mario, is also becoming a family movie hero. That's especially true when considering that one of his new projects, a new Garfield film, has just received its official release date.

On the heels of the Super Mario film, Pratt appears to be lending his voice acting skills to yet another family film. Vic will be played by Jackson, who is said to be the next Garfield character.

Chris Pratt tweeted a story from Deadline that said the film will be released on February 16, 2024. He said the date is important because it means it's President's Weekend.

The fact that Chris Pratt would only be around for a few years until Garfield's role becomes known is interesting, if only because it hasn't received much attention since the announcement was first made. When it comes to portraying animated characters, Mario of Super Mario fame has certainly received more attention, especially on social media.

Producers have spent a lot of time trying to dispel criticism, even though quite a few people have been chuckling their heads in disbelief as the voice of Mario. More than one person involved in the production has gone public saying people will absolutely like Pratt's version of Super Mario.

Garfield is still one of the most popular animated characters in the history of comics, television, and movies. The feline character has even made several appearances in video games, including titles like Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. It's a safe bet that the film will get a little more attention closer to its release date.

On February 16, 2024, the Garfield film will be released in theaters.