New farm friends are introduced in Harvestella

New farm friends are introduced in Harvestella ...

I was pretty sure that the main Harvestella character would be called Ella, but no, I was wrong. I dont know what Square Enix is up to with its naming conventions, but Harvestella has no Ellas in it, I'm afraid (at least as far as I know!). Instead, there's just the protagonist, which you can quite customize.

There are also many other Harvestella characters, such as Aria, Aryl, and Shrika. There is also the protagonist, who I imagine you can name Ella if you want to. The protagonist comes to this town and meets these people thanks to a classic Rune Factory setting, where the character falls down and is saved by the village doctor.

You just get to work, not getting patched up and moved along. Isnt that nice? In my Rune Factory 5 review, I make a joke about it. Or, if you're just interested in Harvestella characters, get your friendship scythe at the ready and start accumulating some good vibes.

Harvestella characters

Okay, here we go, now that the characters, aka friends, are on the way. If you're an introverted farmsmith, check out our Harvestella release date, Harvestella jobs, and Harvestella crafting guides for some personal study.

  • Occupation: traveller

This is you! You, the person on the other side of my screen. You control them with your stick, and you also have the ability to dictate their gender and appearance. After an unusual event, a lovely village doctor put you to work. What a sweety.

  • Occupation: teacher

Istina is a teacher who lives with the children in a orphanage in the Netherlands, according to a Square Enix blog. She is intelligent, quiet, and rarely expresses her feelings openly.

She enjoys reading about different places in the world and is often loved by the locals. Despite the fact that she only visited Nemea a few years ago, she must face the past she has concealed.

  • Occupation: scientist

Aria travelled to the past due to an unidentified circumstance. She eventually begins to live in your house as she delves into the mysteries that go on. Now youre roomies! Lovely stuff.

  • Occupation: Argus brigade

A youngster who lives in a small town near the spring Seaslight, grew up in an orphanage and is now part of the Argus brigade. Apparently, he is straightforward and honest, at least according to the Square Enix website, but that sounds like exactly what he wants us to believe.

  • Occupation: missionary

The Seaslight order's religious missionary uses light to battle with blades. This is terribly vague, since they seem to be traveling from place to place, resolving various situations, rather than, yknow, giving people disease and doing a bit of colonialism.

Okay, enough of the rest, your Harvestella characters. Are they all lovely? Weve got other lovely stuff too: Harvestella cooking and Harvestella romance are two things that might become savory.