The Sandman: Neil Gaiman's 10 Most Powerful Characters

The Sandman: Neil Gaiman's 10 Most Powerful Characters ...

Superheroes in comic books can fly, survive a spray of machine gun fire, and level entire forests, yet they appear like weaklings compared to the strongest characters in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. Immortality, omniscience, and the ability to create anything from thin air are just some of the more common abilities these characters possess.

The Endless's seven siblings are some of the most powerful beings in existence, each embodying a universal force such as Destiny or Death. They are all-powerful in their own ways, so it's a clue that other characters can even compete with the Endless in terms of strength.

10 Delirium

Delirium is a manic pixie dream girl trope, a hyperactive, unbalanced kid who is treated as such by everyone around her. Delirium was previously Delight until a strange event triggered her transformation.

Delirium's wild imagination can make virtually anything come true, making her far more powerful than almost any other being in The Sandman, allowing her to stand up to some of Marvel's most powerful characters. Luckily, she uses her powers mostly for good, although she does have the disjointed manner of most prophets.

9 Destiny

Destiny is a contradictory figure. The Endless's eldest, Destiny can see both the past, present, and the future, thus giving him perfect knowledge of all events in the universe. However, Destiny has a flaw that prevents him from being the absolute strongest being around.

Destiny, who is chained to his book of fate, observes events throughout the universe, but does absolutely nothing to intervene. In theory, Destiny has knowledge that might end the destruction of anything and everyone he wants; he is not one to display them off.

8 Despair

Despair is a heavyset woman who cuts into herself with a hook on her ring, forming the core of depression, feeding upon others' suffering. As misery worsens over the centuries, her strength has increased dramatically, making her one of the strongest Endless siblings.

Her only major weakness is that, despite having a similar background as some Attack on Titan characters, she is unable to find the motivation to do anything with her power in the first place. Like her brother Destiny, she possess exceptional strength but rarely demonstrates it.

7 Destruction

Destruction isn't a tall, burly, loud, or gloomier brother; his appearance isn't that impressive; he's one of the most peaceful of the Endless, without any desire to end life.

As humanity's capacity for destruction reaches its limit with the development of the Atom bomb, Destruction abandons his responsibilities, wandering the earth in search of beauty rather than cultivating his power further. The only thing really holding Destruction back is his peaceful nature, which is fortunate for everyone.

6 Desire

Desire's power is simplistic, yet it encompasses more than many would expect. This Endless is the embodiment of longing and craving for something. Sometimes it's a person that's desired, other times it's money, power, or something more abstract.

Desire's power is apparent in every conscious being, in every part of their life, and can be used to manipulate people. Despair can start wars and other conflicts on a whim, pitting families and entire nations against one another. This is part of what makes them so powerful and dangerous.

5 Dream

Dream (alias Morpheus) is the lord of the Dreaming and has a unique realm yet also a powerful ability that affects all of his siblings' lives. Dream is without doubt one of the most powerful characters in The Sandman universe because of his powerful and varied abilities and willingness to act on his powers.

Dream is so powerful that he is willing to go into Hell itself to confront Lucifer Morningstar whenever the need arises. Fortunately, Dream is not evil, though he is flawed and enormously complicated, so the power of the Dreaming rarely becomes a pure nightmare.

4 Death

Death, the most powerful of the seven Endless siblings, surprises many by being upbeat and sympathetic, two qualities that seem counterintuitive for a creature ruling over a so terrible thing as death itself. Death acts as a shepherd, preparing the living for the next step in their journey, and will be the last entity left at the end of the universe.

Death is near-omnipresent, because death is almost everywhere. Furthermore, she is the only member of the Endless who is not bound by extensive rules controlling her power. Death, by contrast, is easy to identify as the greatest comic character of all time.

3 Lucifer Morningstar

The Endless are far from the only powerful characters to inhabit The Sandman universe. Hell is very real, and the entity that governs it is greater than Death and her siblings, Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer retained his power, and describing it as impressive would be an overstatement. He may however manipulate any external force to achieve any desired outcome without the help of his brother Michael. With the help of his brother, Lucifer may create anything he desires, including new worlds.

2 Michael Demiurgos

Michael Demiurgos was the one who led God's forces against his brother in the Sandman's rebellion against Heaven. His ability matches and perhaps exceeds that of his brother, making him one of the strongest characters in The Sandman. Michael's death would wiped out all creation, leaving nothing behind, and even the DCEU.

Michael Demiurgos is omniscient, omnipresent, and has a list of abilities that looks like every superhero's ability wishlist; his brother is the primary regulator, since the interests of the two siblings often conflicting, preventing either from completely getting their way despite their overwhelming strength.

1 The Presence

The Presence is The Sandman and the DC Universe's closest thing to an all-powerful monotheistic God. Omniscient, omnipotent, and without any equal, there are basically no material restrictions on the Presence's power. The Presence is without question the strongest being in The Sandman, dwarfing even the Endless.

The Presence can do whatever he wants, something that no other character in the comics can do. This is important because the Presence has a strict moral code from which he never deviates. This code is the only thing stopping him from erasing everything and returning it whenever he gets bored.