Since the Palaeolithic era, CS:GO players have been tetototing each other

Since the Palaeolithic era, CS:GO players have been tetototing each other ...

Since its 2012 release, CS:GO, Valve's most popular multiplayer FPS game, has naturally accumulated an enormous amount of collective play hours. However, the online shooter has just crossed a significant, and shocking, new threshold, where terrorists and counter-terrorism have officially been killing one another since the Upper Palaeolithic period.

CS:GO had a staggering 928,329 concurrent users at its peak, but it still remains way above the rest of the Steam top five, with Dota 2, Lost Ark, Rust, and GTA 5 failing to reach or close to maintaining its enduring popularity. After ten years, that alone is a massive achievement, but an achievement nonetheless dwarfed by another CS:GO record, one that covers the entire planet's geological, topographic, and anthropological history.

The 50,000 mark on August 4, when CS:GO players completed more than 14 million hours of multiplayer slaughter in a single day. Those ancient historians agree that homo sapiens first migrated from Africa to Asia and Eurasia around 50,000 to 12,000 years ago, and left some of the oldest remains of settlements and artwork.

If you could buy yourself a Steam Deck (it's hard to say which of those would be more difficult right now) and return to prehistoric Vindija and gifted Valves to some solitary, unassuming cave person, and then instructed them to do nothing for the next 50,000 years but play CS:GO all day, every day, it would only be this week, in this, the year 2022, Anno Domini, that they would have finally racked up as many play hours as the actual Counter-Str

So, we extend a heartfelt but also vaguely concerned congratulatory message to the entire CS:GO player base. Youve made both gaming and ancient history. Many thanks also to Steam Charts for providing these statistics.