The Mortuary Assistant's How to Get All Ends

The Mortuary Assistant's How to Get All Ends ...

The Mortuary Assistant is a pure nightmare food game, capable of enthralling and scaring even experienced horror gamers. These games also have a few different endings, depending on some of your actions and choices. Follow our suggestions to improve your chances of getting the right ending. But don't be afraid to notice the creepy shadow around the corner.

The Standard ending

For this reason, the most common ending is that you only have to use the correct sigils at the right times, and then burn the correct body. After youve done all of this, youll have to complete a subsequent shift, which will bring you this conclusion and some unique dialogue with Raymond.

The Correct Body ending

The Standard ending is almost the same as the Standard ending. You will play through the game the same way, but with one minor change. Afterward, you just complete the game normally. This ending will give you a different dialogue with Raymond, in which he offers you a job.

The Incorrect Body ending

This is the first of the few bad endings on our list. You will first have to be successful with the initial two bodies, but then make a mistake on purpose by burning the incorrect one, missing a sigil on the mark, or forgetting to add a reagent. This will lead to the demon killing and possessing you to kill Raymond.

The Closure ending

This ending can be categorized in the happy ending category. First, take all of the sobriety coins from Rebeccas place and from the cabinets (the ones where the ID cards are located). Then, when Rebecca's image of Rebecca is presented, take the coins and place them in her hand. After doing this, complete the game as usual and burn the correct body.

The Basement ending

This is the most enjoyable of the games, but it is also a bit more complicated to execute. The hallucination involving standing corpses will be revealed when you see them. Open the basement door and finish the game as normal. This will lead to a secret ending involving Raymond.

The Game Over ending

This terrible ending is more a cop-out than anything else. We've included it on our list in case you want to complete every single available ending. Either you choose a body to burn prematurely or wait too long to allow the demon enough time to capture you. Both of these courses will result in the game abruptly ending and sending you back to the main menu.