Why Did No One Help Morpheus in The Sandman?

Why Did No One Help Morpheus in The Sandman? ...

While Tom Sturridge's CGI was left enthralled in the first season of The Sandman, we do have a lot of unanswered questions.

How did Morpheus end up in England?

We saw Roderick Burgess do his amateur magic as Morpheus said, and was it enough to engulf the King of Dreams' powers?

We're finally content that we've got an excellent series to savour the end of the episodes.

Why did no one come to save Morpheus?

This has been causing worry in the family. Despite his self-assured librarian, Lucienne, who asked the same question, nobody was around for the longest time to help him.

It was like he was abandoned by all his siblings and the people of his realm.

Morpheus was in the basement for over a century, books were written about him, and legends were told, but what we are left puzzled is how no one came to his aid on earth.

Although the series lacks an exact answer, we conclude the series believing that everything was caused by the conspiracy that led him to the basement.

Why didnt Alex let Morpheus out?

It's what's causing worry to us as well. He knew his father was wrong, and Alex desired to let out Morpheus for a while, thus what was unexplained is why he did not let him out.

Perhaps because he was afraid that he would take vengeance for killing his Raven? Fear is an addictive trait.

But, this series is a must-see, and we love how the story goes through its own pace, and how it does not rush to tell all the stories they wish to tell with unnecessary grandeur.