Is Alex The Sandman Dead? Did Paul assist Morpheus in escaping?

Is Alex The Sandman Dead? Did Paul assist Morpheus in escaping? ...

From the beginning of the series, Alex's character in The Sandman had a conscience, but we never got to see him finally release Morpheus out of the cage.

Is Alex dead in The Sandman?

Morpheus is able to get out of the cage he was locked in for over a century, which Paul predicted, and removes the security guards, putting Alex in a long-dead fantasy.

Now, in theory, Alex is impoverished, but he cannot wake up or sleep peacefully; nightmares and agony will engulf him for a long time.

Did Paul help Morpheus escape?

The great thing about Morpheus' escape is that we saw what Alex was saying; that was his final visit to the basement.

As the wheelchair left a hole in the protective circle around the cage, Paul saw and ignored it.

To know Morpheus will not allow him to live no matter what, or did it out of his heart, we dont know if he wanted it to happen.

When Paul and Alex first visited the basement, they were familiar with the situation.

Did Paul want Alex dead in The Sandman?

Season 1's main unanswered questions include whether or not he really wanted to release Morpheus, or if he wanted Alex gone, and he did it this way?

Paul appeared to be weary when he saw Alex being placed in an eternal dream, so there is no evidence that he intended to harm Alex.

Perhaps he just slammed Morpheus and wanted him out of the cage.