Scarlet and Violet: Everything we know

Scarlet and Violet: Everything we know ...

Scarlet and Violet will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 18th. The Pokemon Company is slowly releasing new information on the ninth-generation Pokemon games, the next in line for the 26-year-old franchise. The first trailer was released on YouTube in June, before another peek at Scarlet and Violet was released Wednesday.

Theres still a lot to learn about the next mainline games in the Pokemon franchise, including some brand-new Pokemon and what to expect from open-world gameplay.

Here's what The Pokemon Company has shown so far on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Please keep updating this page whenever more information becomes available.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date

The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be released on November 18 only for Nintendo Switch.

Region name: Paldea

Paldea is a new region named by The Pokemon Company in August, whose name has been shared by The Pokemon Company as a land of vast open spaces dotted with lakes, high towering mountains, and mountain ranges.

The region is centered around a large city called Mesagoza, where players will choose from one of two schools: Naranja Academy or Uva Academy, depending on whether they're playing Scarlet or Violet.

Open-world RPG gameplay for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are described as an open-world experience, meaning that players will be able to freely move between wilderness and towns in a way that is different from previous Pokemon games, with some influence from Pokemon Sword and Shields Wild Area and Pokemon Legends: Arceus' partially open-world experience.

On the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website, the Pokemon Company promises that the world will be free to explore at your leisure rather than dictated by the story. Yet, there is a journey for Pokemon trainers to take, and it sounds like you'll discover a lot of different people and Pokemon.

After registering at one of the two academies in August, The Pokemon Company described how players may weave a story however they want. The Treasure Hunt is a research that explains how players may access the three grand stories in Scarlet and Violet. One of the Pokemon Company's stories has been described as being the most likely to be familiar to Pokemon enthusiasts traveling between eight gyms to become a champion.

A multiplayer Pokemon Scarlet and Violet experience

According to the Pokemon Company, players may expect multiplayer gameplay with up to four players. Trading and battling are just two aspects of the experience, but exploration is the major focus: In these games, you will be able to explore the various locations in the region with other players.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have local wireless play for two to four players, with online multiplayer available for one to four players. This is through a feature called the Union Circle, where players can meet up and explore together in the same room.

The multiplayer experience will be less clear, but it is evident that The Pokemon Company has been leading into a more extensive multiplayer experience following Pokemon Sword and Shield.

As The Pokemon Company outlined in August, there are also trade and battle capabilities. Using the Poke Portal, there are trades with friends and surprise trades, as well as battle capabilities.

Scarlet and Violet starter Pokemon

Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly are three starter Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violets, each of whom can perform photosynthesis at its own pace and emits flames; and Quaxly is an earnest and tidy Duckling Pokemon who cares about keeping its hair clean.

However, we still don't know what these three starters will be like.

Scarlet and Violet are two new professors and opponents for Pokemon.

Players who choose Pokemon Scarlet will get Professor Sada, while Pokemon Violet players will get Professor Turo. Both names refer to past and future legends, as well as their outfits.

It's not immediately clear how or whether the professor choice will affect gameplay.

Nemona is a Pokemon trainer who appears to have the same purpose as the competitor. She is not explicitly designated as a competitor by The Pokemon Company. Instead, she is a friend and trustworthy guide who is an experienced Pokemon trainer.

Clavell, the academy director, and Mr. Jacq, the biology and homeroom teachers are also there.

Other new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

In June, Nemona introduced three new Pokemon to Pokemon Scarlet and Violets: Pawmi, Lechonk, and Smoliv. Pawmi is an electric mouse that generates electricity by rubbing its cheeks, while Lechonk is a perfect, normal-type hog Pokemon that likes berries, and Smoliv is described as an olive Pokemon with a very worried face.

Paldean Wooper, a special version of Wooper found only in Paldea, was also shown in the August teaser.

Koraidon and Miraidon

The Pokemon Company released new versions of the legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon, which are somewhat serpentine. Both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have scarlet-hued Miraidon, respectively. Koraidon appears to be more historical and natural, while Miraidon appears futuristic, perhaps resembling the two previous professors.

The Pokemon Company announced that these two Pokemon are a core part of Scarlet and Violet and that they may be used as motorcycles that can go on land, sea, and in the sky. Heres how the three modes work, straight from The Pokemon Company:

  • Sprinting Build / Drive Mode: Players can ride Sprinting Build Koraidon or Drive Mode Miraidon, making it easier to traverse the expansive Paldea region more freely.
  • Swimming Build / Aquatic Mode: Players will be able to jump into rivers, lakes and vibrant oceans to approach the Pokemon that live there or cross perilous waters in a snap by riding Swimming Build Koraidon or Aquatic Mode Miraidon.
  • Gliding Build / Glide Mode: Players can jump from mountains, towering cliffs or tall buildings and glide toward their destination.

Terastal Pokemon and Tera Raid Battles

The Terastal Phenomenon is similar to the Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Instead of getting huge, Pokemon in the Paldea region turn into gemstones with jewel crowns that can change their types. Basically, players can transform Pokemon once per battle to enhance their battle strategies by increasing the power of any moves that have the same type of their Pokemon's Tera Type, according to The Pokemon Company.

According to the company, there are 18 Pokemon Tera Types in total.

Tera Raid Battles, the second part of the Terastal Phenomenon, are similar to Max Raid Battles. Players may play together or alone and catch wild Terastal Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre-order details

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available for pre-order at the Nintendo Store. Both cost $59.99 and will allow players to pre-order the game closer to its November 18 release date.

There's also a double pack, which includes both versions of the game. Players who buy this will receive two codes, one per game, and 100 Poke Balls for each code. The double pack costs $120.