Diablo Immortal players are calling for a Diablo 3-style pets system

Diablo Immortal players are calling for a Diablo 3-style pets system ...

Diablo Immortal players are asking for a delightful addition to the free-to-play game, a Diablo 3 style pet system. While the game has proved controversial, some players have been dissatisfied with its microtransactions and forced warbands system. Diablo Immortal has continued to be popular, with over 30 million installs since its introduction in China.

Diablo 3 is packed with class-based pets and minions, but the most popular Diablo Immortal players like are the non-combat pets that follow your character around and automatically collect gold that drops nearby for you. Lost Ark is also a similar action-RPG game that offers remote storage and mail access, as well as small bonuses to the player's character.

OK_Support9029, a Reddit user, suggested that the fantasy game be remade, saying, "There's nothing worse than coming back for those 100-200 gold stacks that dropped when you moved on to the next group of mobs." Such a pet might be the ideal solution, since the game's experience would greatly improve if I had a little trash goblin by me.

Some players think the addition might be a reward for finally finding Gretas cat, after the poor girl spent every day since the games launch wandering around the streets of Westmarch calling out for her pet. Others are less optimistic about the possibilities for microtransactions the system might offer. Some commenters say theyd rather buy different cosmetic pets, but others worry that it might be tied to a recurring monthly fee.

We think it's a great idea. Diablo 3's pets are adorable, from tiny skeleton dogs and StarCraft probes to miniature versions of Diablo.

If you liked your current character, you may want to pet the Diablo Immortal dog. Check out our Diablo Immortal class tier list and guide to the finest Diablo Immortal legendary items to ensure you're set up for success. Be careful about which Diablo Immortal cosmetics you'll'll need before making the switch.