Players in Elden Ring Mod Can Be Sekiro's Toughest Boss

Players in Elden Ring Mod Can Be Sekiro's Toughest Boss ...

Elden Ring is purposely a difficult game. Like FromSoftware's other action-RPGs, every enemy, from the lowliest zombie to the most powerful dragon, is designed to be capable of killing the player. If a player is unprepared while roaming around the Lands Between, they may find themselves facing the screen telling them they died over and over again until they master the combat and systems of Elden Ring.

Hotbite on Nexus Mods has given players a new way to make the game easier for themselves. For those who don't know, Sword Saint Isshin is the game's final boss, serving as a final exam for those who have studied the basics of Sekiro's combat.

If a player downloads Hotbite's mod, Isshin wields a sword that can launch slashes of wind at the player from distance, a spear that does serious harm, and a pistol that can fire multiple shots in succession. However, an Elden Ring player must equip the Nagakiba, heavy crossbow, and pike in the order specified by the modder in order for the Tarnished to use Isshin's moveset.

A player in Elden Ring should not have trouble acquiring a pike and a heavy crossbow, but it might take a while to obtain the Nagakiba, which is an item linked to the questline in Elden Ring. This mod will only allow players to unlock their true sword-wielding potential once they have advanced about halfway through Elden Ring.

The Nagakiba, pike, and heavy crossbow have all been collected, and the real fun begins as an Elden Ring player will have access to deadly sword and spear combos, as well as some powerful broad attacks that do plenty of damage to groups and single enemies. Another mod includes the deflection mechanics and sword clashes from the previous game.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.