The Cast of 'Ghosts' Revisits Utkarsh Ambudkar's A+ 'Jurassic Park' Improv and Teases Season 2

The Cast of 'Ghosts' Revisits Utkarsh Ambudkar's A+ 'Jurassic Park' Improv and Teases Season 2 ...

Ghosts is a CBS series with a lot to love, but there is one thing in Season 1 that made an enormous impression, and it has one of the finest Jurassic Park references Ive ever seen on screen.

In Episode 6, Pete's Wife, Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) explains why she shouldnt have meddled with Pete's (Richie Moriarty) marriage? He continues, "After the dinosaurs get out and Newman gets eaten by the one that spits, they stay and fix it."

It's a lovely nod to my favorite film of all time, but it's also not a reference made just for the purpose of making a reference. It's a very effective connection that persuades Sam not to turn away from the problem she created, but rather, to be Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), to remain the person who fixes things.

Ambudkar and the cast of Ghosts visited the Collider interview studio while in San Diego for Comic-Con 2022, and he explained, It was about five minutes longer than that. They use what they use, but thank you for noticing.

We did get into some details on other characters, like Sheila Carrascos Flower, later in Season 1, although it seems like there are more unanswered questions with her than with the other ghosts. Here's what Carrasco said when asked for the key to filling in the blanks while playing her until that information becomes available in future seasons:

I feel that every episode, as an actor, is playing with what Flowers is really paying attention to, what she is seeing that no one else does, all the happy colors, and everything. That has really informed how I move into and out of scenes, and my own inner life kind of.

Season 1 of Ghosts includes a number of other memorable moments, including an especially sweet moment between Pete and Nancy in Episode 12, Jays Sister. Nancy has the opportunity to expose Pete and tell the other ghosts their relationship is fake, but instead of doing so, she maintains the lie and even tells Pete that she's proud of him for standing up for himself and what he believes in.

Ill be honest, it was so easy. She's such a talented comedic actress, but then there are moments like that when you're like, Oh, I've got such chops. I'm going to jail forever! It's like, Hey, good job, Petey boy. I'll see you later, you know? And then, okay, there's more on the way.

One of the biggest burning questions when looking at the future of the series is whether or not Ambudkars Jay will ever get to see ghosts? I decided to ask if he would even desire that to happen for the character. He sees other possibilities in keeping it as is, where Sam can see ghosts, but Jay cant.

Maybe Jay falls and hits his head in the last episode, but I havent read the scripts so I cant even tell you either way what happens! Likewise, story-wise, Jay might be too early to see the ghosts. We have 22 episodes, were in Season 2, and we had a great run in Season 1, so who knows where we are going, but the short answer is yes.

Moriarty, Carrasco, and Roman Zaragoza were able to tease some information that will affect Pete, Sheila, and Sass in the new season.

Pete's past life is quite strange and unique, and in Season 2, there's more travel agent stuff because he now lives in a Bed & Breakfast, and he spent years booking people in hotels and Bed & Breakfasts, so we'll see some of his knowledge come into play in Season 2.

Flower will be speaking up a bit more in Season 2, according to Carrasco:

We got to see some of Flowers' judgy side in the Ghost Writer episode about her basketball story with Pete and Flower, and Im having fun exploring more of that side in Season 2. She has other views that she can offer.

Zaragoza said hell will be permitted to continue tapping into Sas' passion for drama:

I love the way Sass loves drama and reality shows, and I think there is certainly more to explore.

In the video interview at the top of this article, you can find out more about the cast of Ghosts! (And for the record, I did finish my SDCC 2022 with a filet mignon. Thanks for the encouragement, Devan Chandler Long!)