League of Legends' Best Gwen Build: Runes, Items, Counters, and More

League of Legends' Best Gwen Build: Runes, Items, Counters, and More ...

Gwen is a perfect example of a League of Legends champion that is easy to master but difficult to master. With her complicated kit, she is one of the game's best top laners, especially if you have a teamfight-oriented structure.

If you play the skirmish well, you can often win one-vs-x situations. Her damaging abilities vary greatly as the game progresses, and with proper use of her Hallowed Mist and the items you'll be building, it's not that difficult to dodge some of the enemies major skill shots.

Because Gwen is a late-game champion, her laning phase is naturally weak. However, if you put enough effort and persevere in acquiring a thorough grasp of her abilities and potential, there are plenty of matches that you can win on your own.

Gwen can be a pain in your opponent's neck by splitpushing and putting constant pressure on the sidelines, or she can tip the balance of a game-deciding teamfight with a properly used ultimate. Those qualities make Gwen one of the best league champions to play right now.

Gwen's main objective in playing her is to become an incredible powerful fighter that most champions are afraid to face on their own. With her gear, which relies on repeatedly using abilities and basic attacks, and a passive that heals her while dealing damage, it's easy to win a lot of solo fights.

Here's Gwen's best build in League of Legends.

Gwen being a fantastic fighter, it makes perfect sense to pick one of the major runes from the Precision tree, and there is no better option from there than Conqueror. With that under your belt, you will deal additional adaptive damage with every attack, increasing Gwen's killing threat. At full stacks, Gwen will also heal a portion of the damage done.

Presence of Mind: Gwen, like most ability power-based champions, is quite mana-hungry, especially in the early game. To help alleviate the consequences of a lack of mana, it's recommended to pick Presence of Mind, which increases mana regeneration and restores 15 percent of maximum mana once you defeat.

Gwen will have pretty powerful auto attacks as well, which are critical in her kit (especially since one ability empowers them). Therefore, it's prudent to boost Gwen's attack speed by choosing Legend: Alacrity, which increases that statistic directly.

Last Stand: Gwen will aim to stand in the middle of the enemy team and crush opponents. She should therefore be low on health, so it's wise to choose Last Stand. This rune boosts your damage while you're low and fits Gwen perfectly.

Second Wind: Gwen will not be stacking many defensive items, if any, so its sensible to boost her defensive stats with runes from the second tree. Second Wind helps with that by healing her after she receives damage from enemy champions.

Unflinching: Unflinching grants a champion five percent of tenacity and slow resistance per game, increasing to an additional 20 percent, based on a champions absent health.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

Dorans Ring: At the beginning of the game, having an item that improves your ability to wave clear minions and skirmish with the enemy's top laner is vital. In terms of that, there is no better option than Dorans Ring, which increases your health, ability power, and speed of killing minions.

Health Potions: Gwen is no exception, since she is not an early game-oriented champion. Health Potions will be useful in almost every game.

Stealth Ward: Gwen's awareness of possible ganks in the enemy jungler is a vital part of any top laners gameplay. Having those in your inventory will allow you to keep an eye on any roaming champion and jungler.

Riftmaker: This is undoubtedly Gwen's finest Mythic item. It boosts your main stats, like health, ability power, ability haste, and omnivamp, but it also includes a unique passive ability, called Void Corruption. Gwen deals bonus damage that at maximum strength is converted into true damage. Other legendary items also receive two percent of omnivamp, and eight ability power.

Nashors Tooth: Runes will not be enough to boost Gwens attack speed, so it is recommended to have at least one item that will do so. And for AP-based champions, there is no better choice than Nashors Tooth, which gives you 50 percent attack speed and an astonishing 100 ability power.

Steelcaps from Plated: These boots are the best option in todays meta, where AD-based top laners and hypercarries are among the game's most powerful players. However, if you are matched against an AP-based composition or play versus squishy champions, there is no harm in purchasing Mercurys Treads or Sorcerers Shoes.

Rabadons Deathcap: This item is critical for any ability power-based champion in the game. Once you complete your core items and dont have to go for Zhonyas Hourglass immediately afterwards, you should collect gold for Rabadons Deathcap. It increases your total ability power by 35 percent, giving you a significant power increase.

Gwen, like almost every AP-based champion, needs some survivability and defensive skills. Zhonyas Hourglass is a must-have item for avoiding enemy ultimates, abilities, and summoner spells that you are targeted with. Besides, it also grants you plenty of AP, armor, and ability speed.

Morellonomicon: If you want a fully offensive build, Morellonomicon is often the best item to grab as the last one in your inventory. Its menacing on its own, but it also makes your attacks more effective by applying Grevious Wounds. This passive should make you even more dangerous in the late game.

Renekton is an outstanding lane bully, who will knock you down in the first minutes of the game, and if they do so once, they will do it until the mid-game. He can then just stun you, deal damage, and flee until you are able to react. Hes quite dangerous for Gwen, since she will not be able to return to the game in time.

Urgot is an extremely irritating champion for Gwen. His ranged attacks and abilities make lanking against him a nightmare for Gwen mains. Furthermore, once Urgot reduces your health to a level where he can one-shot you with his combo, make sure you keep playing safe, freeze the wave, and seek help from your jungler.

Singed is a tricky champion to play against for a number of reasons. He can flip you with his E, which is always difficult to trade back since hell always wins the trade. Also, his jungler may look around the top lane for some easy kills.