To combat leaks, the League of Legends MMO was revealed early

To combat leaks, the League of Legends MMO was revealed early ...

Since2020, the League of Legends MMO has been rumoured. When asked by a commenter if it is an MMO, the answer was quite simply it is. It's not hard to see how this sparked some confusion in the community. One of the worlds biggest game developers announcing their most significant project via a tweet

Greg Reyes is back, resolving some of the problems surrounding the lack of information and why the project was announced in such a shambles.

Our CEO thought the announcement would be helpful in recruiting (we need a lot of MMO vets), and because we assumed it would leak anyway.

He continues, "You'll often worry about someone grabbing you." However, with an MMO, everyone is aware of how to make one. The problem is in actually doing it, and the huge cost and time it costs.

The other significant downside to announcing early is the possibility of sustaining the momentum. It is difficult to keep players engaged and excited for years. They may get impatient with the little information, or worse, perceive the normal development as something different.

The purpose of the underwhelming announcement was to relieve some of the team's pressure and help with recruiting. With one of the most devoted fanbases on the planet, this only served to plant a small seed of what's to come. The community has been told to just wait and see what they come up with.

Even if the feedback isnt what we expected, we want the ability to make massive changes. It's worth it to ensure that the game exceeds your expectations, which are already quite high.

If things aren't going quite the way they want, the production team has almost infinite wiggle room. Games in the past have released trailers on day one, then when that game eventually comes out, things will inevitably be different. Fans and media pour over those early game materials, analysing everything the developers almost always face criticism for lacking content (Cyberpunk 2077, we're looking at you).

Greg basically tells us to keep an eye on the Rift for the time being. If you want to keep up with the Riot updates, here are the 12.15 notes. You may also need to save up for those inevitable MMO cosmetics.