This month, F1 22 cross-play will begin with two betas

This month, F1 22 cross-play will begin with two betas ...

F1 22 will be extended across all platforms this month, starting with two open-to-the-public tests over the next two weekends, and complete integration expected at the end of August.

The tests will be held Friday, Aug. 5 to Sunday, Aug. 7 and Friday, Aug. 12 to Sunday, Aug. 14. Players may compete in the Social Race and Two-Player Career modes across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

Cross-platform multiplayer was originally scheduled to be a launch feature when F1 22 was released on July 1, but it has been postponed because a contractor in Ukraine is working on the feature for Codemasters in the United Kingdom. It was brought to its two most recent non-F1 games, Dirt 5and Grid Legends.

Codemasters expects cross-platform multiplayer to improve matchmaking in online multiplayer, such as the Two-Player Career, which launched in 2021, by bringing Formula One fans together with friends who have the game on a different console family.