Everyone loves Pooper, Pokemon Scarlet, and Violets' new Wooper

Everyone loves Pooper, Pokemon Scarlet, and Violets' new Wooper ...

The greatest thing about the Pokemonfranchise is that every Pokemon is lovely and loved in their own special way. There are the big-ticket Pokemon like Mewtwo or Koraidon, and there are a handful of humble little fellows. One of these is Wooper, who is basically a big round head, a tiny little body. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans will find a wider variety of Woopers.

While traveling through different regions, players will often find both unique Pokemon that aren't found in any other game, and regional variations on familiar Pokemon. For instance, Weezing is usually a two-headed, purple, floating Pokemon. If you go to the Galar area, Weezing wears enormous top hats and a smog mustache that makes it appear quite distinguished. For Wooper, he's already inspired fan art and memes on social media.


NEW WOOPER JUST DROPPED #PokemonScarletViolet #PokemonPresents #Wooper #ScarletViolet pic.twitter.com/al9xNJ7BZ3

Pooper (Paldean Wooper) was mine. http://pinterest.com/s06qRSOUfP

rn pic.twitter.com/19L5HUuIxf wooper fandom literally

SUPER WOOPER POOPER TROOPER#PokemonScarletViolet pic.twitter.com/30HKISsfvw

Pic.twitter.com/PtC08egUd3 A new wooper has been added.

WAKE UP BABE NEW WOOPER JUST DROPPED #PokemonPresents #PokemonScarletViolet pic.twitter.com/R4UytrBAEF

pooper pic.twitter.com/ju2F6583KC

A New Wooper Has Arrived https://t.co/PdDRBdeQm6 pic.twitter.com/nf2eO0eR7i

Paldean Wooper has some different-shaped fronds on his head, which makes it seem like a poison appropriate, given that this Wooper is a much more dangerous little guy than his predecessor. I don't know if you should hug them, but on the other hand, maybe.