The HeroQuest expansion is a departure from linear gameplay, allowing players to explore more characters

The HeroQuest expansion is a departure from linear gameplay, allowing players to explore more charac ...

HeroQuest, a cult-classic dungeon-crawling board game that was first released in 1989, is now available for purchase at Avalon Hill through a robust crowdfunding campaign in 2021. The Rogue Heir of Elethorn is expected to be released at retail in October. Pre-orders begin Wednesday.

HeroQuest was the first board game to make a name for itself, becoming one of the most successful board game genres around. From its humble beginnings at Toys R Us, the original included numerous popular (and difficult-to-find) expansions such as the melee-focused barbarian, the versatile elf, and the handy dwarf.

The reboot altered everything. The game now includes additional female-presenting sculpts, as well as new character classes, like the bard, the druid, and the warlock. The rogue is described as a quick skirmisher who is deadly with small blades.

Anyone who has played HeroQuest knows that daggers are pretty much useless beyond the first few missions. Maybe you'll carry one or two around for a handy ranged weapon, but they're basically useless. A rogue character might also enhance your need to manage mobility, which is an issue when you're rolling dice for movement. This particular character is prohibited from wearing metal armor or shields of any kind.

In an email to Polygon, the Rogue Heir gave us an opportunity to demonstrate unique abilities that improved on two specific difficulties large parties can confront in the dungeon. Firstly, players will be able to maneuver through crowded rooms and hallways without having to stand still while the heroes in the front do all the dice rolling. Finally, through a combination of the Dagger and Bandolier equipment cards, as well as the Rogue Skill card Opportunistic Striker, players will be able to attack targets

Plus, additional characters are on the way.

Nadeau said the inclusion of new characters in HeroQuest will allow players to alter their play style and create a sense of replayability. The choice of heroes in HeroQuest should reflect the vast world we are building within the brands narrative and provide endless hours of replay play for players who want the best out of their game.