Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca from Resident Evil join Dead by Daylight

Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca from Resident Evil join Dead by Daylight ...

The Dead by Daylight cast is a real mess of terrifying beasts, monsters, and serial murderers, challenging four survivors to complete tasks around the map without being tortured, murdered, or left on a hook to be consumed by an eldritch spider god.

Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and the titular Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis were already part of the cast in the first Resident Evil crossover chapter, which included the Raccoon City Police Department map. This chapter was successful enough to grant a second cross-over, called Project W, which includes Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as Survivors, while Albert Wesker serves as the latest Killer.

Wesker was first revealed as a leader of the elite STARS unit in Resident Evil 5, and he was later revealed as a traitor who had been working for the ruthless Umbrella corporation all along. He was also a test subject in many Resident Evil games until Chris Redfield threw him into a volcano at the end of Resident Evil 5.

Rebecca Chambers plays a doctor for STARS in the Resident Evil 1 sequel, Dead By Daylight, although she played a lesser role in Resident Evil 4. She is a notorious spy and double agent who usually comes through for the good guys after a few lies, hidden agendas, and dramatic standoffs.

Project W will be launched later this year; players may purchase Wesker (also known as the Mastermind), Ada, and Rebecca, as well as Jill, Leon, and Nemesis as part of a larger Resident Evil franchise bundle.