The Tower of Fantasy tier list is shown below

The Tower of Fantasy tier list is shown below ...

Tower of Fantasy is a bit of an odd game when it comes to tier lists. Simulacra isn't really about which ones are the strongest, it's about the strength of the weapon that they unlock. All Simulacra, along with your own character, have the same base stats, but they also have their own unique weapon, and you can only access those weapons by pulling a copy of that character.

All of the playable Simulacra are ranked by the power of the weapon they unlock, as well as their utility in battle as of the CBT and pre-launch access. The advantage is that, if you really love the character you created through the Tower of Fantasy character creation screen, you can just equip them with an S-rank, SSR weapon, and toss through Aesteria without a hit in the world.

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Tower of Fantasy tier list

Between some serious number crunching and our personal opinion on how the weapons unlocked by these characters performed in both the CBT and our current pre-launch access, weve come up with the following tier list. Please note that these rankings are intended only as guidelines, and will likely change in the wake of the games' release, especially with the new characters Hotta has lined up for us.

Also, note that pretty much all of the characters and weapons are viable. While SSR rank weapons will typically outrank anything else, we highly recommend filling out your arsenal and testing different rotations and elemental combinations at this early stage in the games life, that's half the fun of Tower of Fantasys combat!

TierTower of Fantasy character
SSamir (Dual EM Stars), King (Scythe of the Crow)
AMeryl (Rosy Edge), Coco Ritter (Absolute Zero), Crow (Thunderblades), Tsubasa (Icewind Arrow), Huma (Molten Shield V2), Shiro (Chakram of the Seas)
BPepper (Staff of Scars), Zero (Negating Cube)
CEcho (Thunderous Halberd), Ene (Pummeler), Bai Ling (Nightingales Feather)
DHilda (The Terminator)

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