The Pokemon Scarlet & Violets map's centre is dotted with theories

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violets map's centre is dotted with theories ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be Nintendo's most popular game of this year, and the hordes of Pokemon enthusiasts have cleaned up every last bit of information the Pokemon Company has released. Following a recent Pokemon Presents, we received further information on the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and a brand new map along with it.

As you can see in the photo above, the middle of the map is covered with huge, muddy pools that are completely hidden. So, of course, youre all speculating about the centre of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violets map, taking to Reddit to contemplate the many possibilities.

From the cynical and sceptical to the funny and absurd, users jjcarms5 offered their answers. The most upvoted comment is also the most reasonable, according to Sjonathon92, stating that the center of the map is home to the 3rd legendary Pokemon and/or where Terastallize came from.

Staygoldponyboy613 responds, the third legendary which rides YOU instead! Others agreed on the idea of a third legendary, with Gdino08 claiming that the centre might contain a legendary larger than anything else like the Red Death from How to Train Your Dragon.

Others are more interested in the map's top right area, according to tehnoodnub, and im more focused on the clouded area in the top right. Maybe a DLC area?

Either way, we'll just have to wait for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet release date before we find out. We've also included guides for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to keep you updated on all the latest.