Harvestella romance does not require harvesting only vegetables

Harvestella romance does not require harvesting only vegetables ...

Square Enix's Harvestella announcement is greeted by the world whenever it comes to farming, socializing, and just living your best life. As you farm, socialize, and just live your finest life, the seasons roll by summer, spring, autumn, winter, and, checks notes, DEATH!?

In role-playing games, it's very common to enter relationships and pursue some of the characters you meet, thus it's only natural to be excited about the prospect of a Harvestella romance, and we're here to assist you, as we explain everything you need to know about the mechanic as well as who you can catch the eye of.

We can't guarantee that Harvestella will be released until it's released, but you can keep up with all of the latest information via our Harvestella release date guide. You should also keep an eye on our Nier Automata Switch release date and Persona 5 Switch release date information for more exciting games.

Anyway, let's go and find some love and pick up a Harvestella romance.

Harvestella romance

Except for the fact that you may make friendships with the locals while you talk to them, or complete a variety of tasks to help them out, for the time being, we know little about the game and its social aspects. However, romance isn't yet known, although it's likely to play a role in RPGs and life simulation games.

Update this page when new information about the Harvestella romance comes to light. In the meantime, you can browse through our picks for the best Switch RPGs.