With some Harvestella cooking, have an egg-perfect day

With some Harvestella cooking, have an egg-perfect day ...

Harvestella is a great addition to the RPG genre, and the fact that it includes life simulation skills is just the icing on the cake. Despite the fact that its release is still months away, there is still a lot of excitement around Square Enixs upcoming game, which is packed with farming, socializing, and death.

The Harvestella cooking guide explains how to prepare succulent fare, as well as the effects they may have on your various abilities, including health.

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Let's get down to some hearty Harvestella fare.

Harvestella cooking

Harvestella cooking is under wraps for the time being. Besides the fact that different dishes can help you find your inner peas, they might even assist you in discovering your inner peas.

Please add new information about Harvestella cooking to this section as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, check out our list of the best Switch RPGs, as theres still a lot of time till the release of Harvestella.