The whole story of Digimon Survive memories may be seen here

The whole story of Digimon Survive memories may be seen here ...

The Digimon Survive memories that litter the parallel world provide an insight into the game's hidden secrets, and they provide you a true sense of the game based on the knowledge you receive. However, it can be difficult to decipher all of these hidden texts if you don't know what you're looking for.

This Digimon Survive memories guide explains each collectable piece of information. If you didn't know, it's also worth mentioning that if you collect all five of the three memory stories, you'll receive an equippable Digimon that will pay for the effort spent hunting down treasure.

For more information on gathering what you need for an adventure with Agumon, Falcomon, and other powerful monsters, see our Digimon Survive items, Digimon Survive evolution, and Digimon Survive slabs guides. Or, if you still need some motivation to make the leap, let our Digimon Survive review inspire you to take the plunge.

What are Digimon Survive memories?

Digimon Survive memories, or perceived memories, are small stories you find scattered around the digital world that give you greater insight into some of the game's greatest mysteries, including the connection between worlds, how Digimon interacts with humans, and more context about your Digimon's journey in the new game plus mode.

Each memory path is linked to your moral, wrath, or harmony levels, so you should do at least two playthroughs of each karma type to get them all quickly. You may also experiment with your own methods if youre interested.

Spirited Away Digimon Survive memories

Reward: Extreme Boost this attack does excellent damage and sleeps for the cost of two levels of physical defense and special defense.

Memory chapterLocationHow to find
OneWoods by ShrineScan the tree near Agumon to find the distortion
TwoSpider Lily ForestScan the distortion by the tree on the right of the screen
ThreeWoods Near CityDuring part 6 of the story, scan the trees on the right of the city gates to find the distortion
FourSpider Lily ForestDuring part nine of the moral route return to Spider Lily Forest and scan for the distortion
FiveFinal BattleScan the area for distortion before your final battle

All in the Seasoning Digimon Survive memories

Celestial Blade This attack deals light damage and has a chance of increasing your physical attack and special attack by two stages.

Memory chapterLocationHow to find
OneInner Shine EntranceScan the right of the screen to find the distortion
TwoCentral Plaza (Amusement Park)Scan the right of the screen to find the distortion
ThreeRuined ApartmentScan above Dracmon to find the distortion
FourWoods by LibraryIn part 11 of the wrath route, scan the area to find the distortion
FiveInner Shine EntranceIn part 12 of the wrath route, scan the area to find the distortion

Survive past memories from the Mural Digimon

Reward: Unknown (check back soon!)

Memory chapterLocationHow to find
OneShrineScan the stairs near the shrine to find the distortion
TwoCafeteriaScan near Saki to find the distortion
ThreeUnderground WaterwayScan the distortion near Aoi after reuniting with her
FourUnknownHarmonious path exclusive TBA
FiveUnknownHarmonious path exclusive TBA

With that, you may sift out all of the Digimon Survive memories and add some killer moves to your inventory. For more general advice and tricks on surviving this dangerous departure from the traditional Digimon experience, check out our Digimon Survive guide.