The greatest pool games on Switch and mobile are at the top of the pots

The greatest pool games on Switch and mobile are at the top of the pots ...

With so many pool games to choose from, you might be forgiven for consulting a magic eight ball to decide what to go into next. From lifelike sims with thousands of online opponents, to pool-inspired puzzlers placing pockets in strange places, there are more than a few approaches for prospective cue-handlers to enter the billiards world.

With our list of the finest pool games on Switch and mobile, you can quickly avoid any foul ball titles. Im looking at you here snooker, well be including anything that involves a cue, a few balls, and some green felt. All you need to do is chalk up your cue, and make a solid connection.

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Let's take a look at our picks of the best pool games on Switch and mobile.

Best pool games on Switch and mobile

If you played 8 Ball Pool during the Miniclip era, what were you doing? The company's flagship pool sim is now open for use, with hundreds of potential opponents online at any time. With strict controls for a mobile game, a wide range of novelty cues to improve your game, and responsive mechanics, look no further.

Pool Panic is a pool simulator developed by the legendary Adult Swim Games studio, and while its not shocking to discover more oddballs than eight balls in it, its a pleasant surprise to see how the game plays out.

Pocket Pool is a collection of pool-inspired sports puzzles that test your ability to manipulate tight angles and finely tuned shots. So, if you're looking for something to give your brain a workout without leaving the green feeling, Pocket Pool might be the one for you.

Pure Pool is a superb pool game for the Switch, featuring a clear visual appearance to the other affordable pool games, and of course, an online mode to test your skills against fellow cue-handlers.

Without pool, it wouldnt be a classic game collection, would it? Not if 51 Worldwide Games has anything to say about it, offering a pool sim that's perfect for playing a few frames with a friend. As it's part of a larger collection, there are no frills here, but that just adds to the authentic pool experience that youll find in card games and board games.

Pool Trickshots is a completely different ball game when it comes to placing green felt on the board, and you must bring your angle-finding A-game if you want to see the second level. It's all about making the snazziest, sharpest shots rather than putting points on the board. So, if you prefer to impress with style rather than substance, then this game is for you.

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