Why Was Will Smith Supposedly Discretionary About Apologizing To Chris Rock Despite Rumours He Didn't Want To?

Why Was Will Smith Supposedly Discretionary About Apologizing To Chris Rock Despite Rumours He Didn' ...

Some of the Hollywood community began to wonder, why now? Jada Pinkett Smith may be to blame for this video apology to Chris Rock, which addressed some of the biggest issues that had remained after his Oscars slap.

Will Smith appeared remorseful in the video, but also addressed some of the concerns many had after the incident. He admitted that his relationship with Tony Rock has been destroyed, but that he is working to restore his self-esteem both personally and professionally. Sources say the filmmaker chose not to record and release the video.

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The Smiths are correct in saying that this story isnt going anywhere. Chris Rock is constantly having to weigh in on the consequences of The Slap as he continues to perform stand up, and even his love life is under the spotlight because of Will Smith's overburdened with rage. The film will be spotlighted for the foreseeable future, especially if and when he decides to direct an Oscar film.

The director of Antoine Fuquas Emancipation comes into play as a ranaway slave who stays two steps ahead of the plantation owners he has escaped from. Deeply cynical industry analysts wondered if Will Smith was considering releasing a public apology in order to position Emancipation for an awards push, especially following Martin Scorsesses' Killers of the Flower Moon adaptation in 2023. Is that the best reason to apologize?

The consequences of The Slap continue to reverberate, and Im not sure whether the video apology pushed the needle in one direction or the other. The conclusion for this controversy seems unclear, so well continue to cover each step as all of the players continue to muddle their way through the mess.