FASHR completes the CS:GO roster for Fnatic

FASHR completes the CS:GO roster for Fnatic ...

With the addition of Dion FASHR Derksen, who previously played for ECSTATIC, Fnatic has locked its CS:GO roster for the remainder of the 2022 season.

The 26-year-old will take the place of Swedish rifler Ludvig HEAP Alonso, who had been playing for Fnatic on trial for the previous few months. However, William mezii Merriman, who is well-known for his contributions to the team, has announced that he will remain the team's shot-calling captain in the coming months.

The pieces are all set. Join us in introducing @itsFASHR to our CS:GO Pro Squad, who is also a member of the Black & Orange family: https://t.co/R5FzgF1Xq pic.twitter.com/b0T9LtgQv1.

FASHR joins Fnatic after completing a stellar first half of the season under the ECSTATIC banner. He has accumulated a 1.19 rating this year, helping ECSTATIC to establish itself as a solid tier-2 team in the CS:GO arena.

FASHR said on joining Fnatic that she feels honoured and humbled to wear the iconic black and orange. Im confident that together with my new teammates we can achieve greatness. Were aiming to build a new, lasting dynasty with this club.

FASHR's arrival comes after Fnatic's CS:GO roster was revamped at the end of May, including former Copenhagen Flames players Nico nicoodoz Tamjidi and Fredrik roeJ Jrgensen, who will train with the international team in preparation for the IEM Rio Major European qualifiers on August 15.