How to Redeem Ash Ketchums' Team in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Redeem Ash Ketchums' Team in Pokemon Sword and Shield ...

More free Pokemon will be available for Pokemon Sword and Shield players soon, and these will come directly from Ash Ketchum's pocket. A new distribution will be introduced throughout the event.

When you receive these Pokemon, your original Pokemon anime air date will be the Trainer ID. Dracovish, Dragonite, Gengar, Sirfetchd, and Lucario are all level 80.

Ash's team of Dracovish, Dragonite, Gengar, Sirfetch'd, and Lucario will be distributed to Sword & Shield through shared Serial Code weekly from August 12th.Details @

How to redeem Ash Ketchums team

The codes are initially intended for people living in Japan, but they will work for anyone who wishes to redeem them. As episodes in Japan are broadcast, keep an eye on Serebiis Twitter. They will keep fans updated as new codes become available.

Below is a list of Pokemon up for grabs during the promotional period. One notable Pokemon that isn't on this list is Pikachu. To get Ashs World Cap Pikachu, fans must see one of the three films in theaters until September 30.

  • Aug. 12 Dracovish
  • Aug. 26 Dragonite
  • Sept. 2 Gengar
  • Sept 9 Sirfetchd
  • Sept. 16 Lucario

How to Get a Serial Code in Pokemon Sword and Shield is outlined below.

Come back the next week for another Pokemon, and soon you will have the whole team.