Martial Realm Codes (August 2022)

Martial Realm Codes (August 2022) ...

Martial Realm is a Roblox action role-playing game inspired by several manga titles. Your objective is to complete the game in every difficulty level. But if you make good decisions, you will become one of the finest martial artists! We have your back if you need help starting (or later on in your journey).

Roblox Martial Realm codes provide a fantastic starting point for improving your character. These codes will give you various opportunities to change or enhance your abilities by using Origin shards, Personality shards, Potential spins, and other cosmetic items and freebies.

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All Martial Realm Codes List

Updated August 5, 2022

New codes have been added.

Here's a look at all of the current Martial Realm codes.

  • !code firstprestigestyleRedeem for a Style Reset (New, don't use if you don't have astyle!)
  • !code 900likesRedeem for 1 Origin Shard and 2 Personality Shards (New)
  • !code 110kvisits!Redeem for a Face Reroll (New)
  • !code 120kvisits!Redeem for a First Name Reroll (New)
  • !code 130kvisits!Redeem for a Face Reroll (New)
  • !code 140kvisits!Redeem for 2 Origin Shards and 3 Personality Shards (New)
  • !code 100kvisits!Redeem for 2 Origin Shards and 2 Personality Shards
  • !code 800likesRedeem for 2 Origin Shards and 2 Personality Shards
  • !code sorryform1bugRedeem for a Face Reroll
  • !code 90kvisits!Redeem for 2 Personality Shards and 1 Origin Shard
  • !code TheBackroomsRedeem for a Potential Reroll
  • !code 10kvisits!Gain Clan reroll
  • !code 150likesGain Face reroll
  • !code 20kvisits!Gain 2 Personality Shards
  • !code 30kvisits!Gain 3 Potential Spins and 2 Clan Spins
  • !code 400likesGain 2 Origin Shards and 3 Personality Shards
  • !code miniupdGain 1 Origin Shard and 1 Personality Shard
  • !code prestigeupdateGain 3 Origin Shards
  • !code releaseGain Potential reroll
  • !code releaseeGain Clan reroll
  • !code releaseeeGain First name reroll
  • !code releaseee!Gain Eyes color reroll
  • !code sorryforshutdownGain Clan reroll
  • !code twisteriscarryingthegameGain 2 Personality shards

These Marital Realm codes no longer work.

  • !code 250likes

Roblox Martial Realm Codes FAQ

Here's all you need to know about Roblox Martial Realm codes.

How to redeem Martial Realm Codes

The process of redeeming free prizes in Martial Realm is fairly straightforward. Follow the steps below:

How to get more Martial Realm Codes

Keep an eye on all new Martial Realm codes by visiting this page often. We'll update this article as soon as new codes arrive. Also, check out the game's official YouTube, Discord, and Twitter pages for updates.

Martial Realm is no exception. To avoid missing out on some fantastic rewards, try to redeem codes as soon as you notice them. Other reasons for codes not working may be a simple grammar error. Submit them to the chat box. We'll update this page as required.

What platforms can I play Roblox Martial Realm on?

Roblox Martial Realm is available on PC, Xbox, Android phone, iPhone, and iPad. There are minor variations in commands (on mobile devices, you don't have a keyboard, for instance). Feel free to play it on all platforms as long as your progress is saved on the server.

What is Martial Realm?

If you like manga, this game is the ideal opportunity to acquire some Martial Realm codes.

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