Thousands of call of duty users have signed a petition to Verdansk

Thousands of call of duty users have signed a petition to Verdansk ...

The Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk map was removed from the battle royale in 2021, but players are now campaigning for its return, through a petition that has dished tens of thousands of signatures.

The last time Warzone players saw Verdansk on December 8, 2021, was when Caldera, which was recently updated as part of the Warzone season 4 multiplayer beta, was replaced by the same version. Despite the fact that it is based on 2021's Vanguard, some Warzone fans have campaigned for Verdansk to be reinstated, including Marshmello, an American music producer and Fortnite collaborator.

And now, a petition is gaining momentum, attracting, as of this writing, the signatures of over 14,000 Call of Duty players, who want to see Verdansks return.

We, the players, and the community, want options rather than [sic] be forced to play a particular map or mode, according to a petition filed on Many of us enjoy Modern Warfare and enjoy playing with modern weapons. We are a small group that refuses to give us alternatives. Give us back Verdansk and modern weapons. Many of us consider resigning and waiting for the MW2 to be released in 2022. We do not want that.

While Warzone is coming to an end, whether Verdansk will make one last farewell tour appearance before Warzone 2 or perhaps return in Warzone 2, it's clear a dedicated section of the CoD fanbase is eager to see it return. This post has been updated by players from the NFL.