The top 10 games similar to The Division 2

The top 10 games similar to The Division 2 ...

The Division 2 has had a lot of success, both in terms of returning players and newcomers who were eager to try it out for themselves. However, there are several games you may want to try out with your favorite group of friends that are similar to The Division 2.

Best games like The Division 2

Call of Duty: Warzone is a Call of Duty game that focuses on the battle royale genre. There are plenty of goals for you to complete along the way, as well as a battle pass to earn many rewards. There is also a premium version for players who want to play for a whole season.

Destiny 2 is probably one of the finest comparisons to The Division 2. It's a seasonal looter-shooter where you can progress through several stories, level up your Guardian, and complete tasks with a small group of friends. You can also participate in seasonal challenges, the PvP Trials, or working through casual weekly challenges.

If you are looking for a dynamic, slick shooter experience, giveEscape From Tarkova a try. The game focuses on getting the most out of the game and making sure you have all of the gear you need to get back on track. Other players are also on the map, intent on shooting you down and taking your gear away before you can leave.

Far Cry 6 is a single-player game, but you may join a party with friends and face off against the Dictator Anton Castillo and his massive army. You will need to fight him together to overthrow his regime and recapture your country from him. We strongly recommend bringing a whole team with you to help you defeat him and have fun along the way.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

The Battlefields isn't a traditional loot game, although it does have a similar itch to The Division 2. PUBG is based on a battle royale format, forcing you and your friends to fight through the many obstacles waiting to ambush you.

TheBorderlandsseries is an excellent way to start out with a straightforward gameplay with a lot of humor. You can start off with the traditionalBorderlands and progress throughBorderlands 2, the Pre Sequel, andBorderlands 3. We strongly recommend bringing friends along to help you out.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is a recreation of the Borderlands series, although it differs in setting and gameplay mechanics. However, Wonderlands is a great addition to that lineup, and you might have more laughs or two with your pals if you enjoy tabletop roleplaying, like Bunkers or Badasses.

Rainbow Six Siege differs from The Division 2 in a significant way. You must adapt to your teammates while also considering the other teams' next move.

The game features a different environment from the one you'll be living on in the wilds, in an isolated tropical island, surrounded by enemies on every corner of the map. Despite the differences in how loot works, instances, and group-based activities, Breakpoint is an excellent choice for you and your friends.

Warframe might be a little challenging for those who prefer cover shooters, but it might be a good way to freshen things up. You can choose to play the game by yourself or collaborate with your friends. You will gradually unlock different Warframe outfits with different abilities, and you can select the appropriate one for your game mode.