The Floral Baller, Elusive Targets, and More are among the Hitman 3 Year Two August roadmaps

The Floral Baller, Elusive Targets, and More are among the Hitman 3 Year Two August roadmaps ...

The Hitman 3s Year 2 August roadmap is packed with gameplay and improvements that make the base game more appealing while altering some of the players' old ways to make them more enjoyable. This guide explains everything you should expect from the game for the next month or so.

Elusive Target Arcade Update August 4

Elusive Target Arcade missions will work slightly differently from this month onwards. They now all include one target from each Hitman game in the Hitman Trilogy, meaning you'll need to own Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 to complete the two new missions this month.

The Procurers' Elusive Target (Year Two Edition) August 5 to 15

The Procurers is the first Elusive Target for the month, but it has been updated for Year Two. In Dartmoor, you need to track the two targets and remove them, preferably without anybody's knowledge.

Free to Play Colorado August 11 to 22

The first free to play location this month is Colorado from Hitman 1 and it offers many opportunities for sneaky assassinations. Youll have eleven days to make the most of it, during which an Elusive Target will appear.

The Floral Baller and the Dartmoor Garden Show August 11

From August 11, all owners of Hitman 3 will be able to take on a new challenge in The Dartmoor Garden Show. This location is a bonus mission for the Dartmoor location that mixes things up and offers many more creative kills. Complete the new challenge, and The Floral Baller will be yours forever.

Elusive Target: The Ex-Dictator (Year Two Edition)- August 12 to 22

The Ex-Dictator is the second Elusive Target for the month, updated for year two, of course. This mission involves you with killing another set of targets without anyone knowing your motives, but it's something you cant help but notice once you know Bangkok like a silent assassin.

Elusive Target: The Chameleon (Year Two Edition) August 19 to 29

The Chameleon is the last updated Elusive Target for the month, and they've changed their appearance, so you'll have to identify them by their behaviors and kill them without anyone seeing the hand responsible for the murder.

Featured Contracts: Flower Power August 25

The last piece of Hitman 3 content in August is a set of new Featured Contracts. All of them are based around the theme of flower power. So expect a lot of missions where you must do everything as the hippie.