Hitman 3 Elusive Target The Procurers Silent Assassin guide (updated for Year Two)

Hitman 3 Elusive Target The Procurers Silent Assassin guide (updated for Year Two) ...

Update (August 5)

The Elusive Target mission for Hitman 3 Year 2 has been updated, making it feel a little fresher for those players who might have played and replayed it a few too many times in its original form. It's also worth noting that this Elusive Target mission can be played again every time.

The original article

The Procurers is the first Elusive Target in Season of Gluttony, and a brand new one for Hitman 3's Dartmoor location. Agent 47 is sent to remove a rather nasty embalmer and chef duo who are doing exactly what you think they are. This guide teaches you how to get rid of these targets as a Silent Assassin.

Elusive Target warning

As with all Elusive Targets, you have one chance to complete the mission. You can only restart when you complete an objective, which in this case means killing one of the targets. However, you may continue the mission until you finish an objective. This will give you an idea of where the mission is at its weakest point, and where you may need to do something different to make life easier.

Beginners route

This game requires no special equipment or starting locations. You may pick it up today and complete the mission using this route, because youll find everything you need in Dartmoor itself.

The loadout for this route is quite basic. The only thing you'll need is the fiber wire, but you may get away without it. The coin is quite useful to have, so bring it along at the very least. The suit we're using is The Gluttony Gobbling.

The entrance to the mansion is straightforward. From the starting point, stand up the wall to your right and follow the stream path to the front garden. Keep an eye out for the patrolling guard to your left, sneak across to the front of the mansion so that you may see the open window.

Vault in through the window, turn left and go out the door. Continue all the way down the corridor, past the housekeeper. Turn left at the trolley and go all the way down to the kitchen doors. There is a housekeeper here. You need to close the kitchen doors, knock her out with the baseball, and pack her body in the nearby trunk as quickly as you can.

Wait for your first target to leave the kitchen while you are not trespassing on him. You may close the entrance behind him and kill him quickly with the fiber wire. Store his body in the same container as the housekeeper before proceeding.

The second objective requires a lot of preparation. First, use the nearby door to get outside. Its simpler if you use the coin as a distraction. You need to go into the garden, the central fountain. Theres a guard to the left who is always watching the left-hand side, and a gardener to the right. Wait till the gardener moves to the back of the fountain.

The wrench is shown below as a map reference. Once you have it, go up to the right-hand side of the property.

For a map reference, you need to go to the right of the main windows in the mansion.

Climb up and then shimmy to the left. Go into the upper walkway, go around here, get into the next corridor, and then shimmy left more until your second target disappears and inspects the dead body. Wait until the target exits and grabs the bodyguard on the balcony.

You must retrieve the baseball and wait. This next part of the process requires timing. You must enter the room as the target departs, but only when the bodyguard who remains in the room starts to move to the left. At this point, the housekeeper will begin to move from the bed. Throw the baseball at the bodyguard's head.

The next thing to do is to use the wrench to sabotage the heater on the balcony.

Place the packet of cigarettes you have lying on the counter next to the door.

After a brief time, the target will go outside to smoke and blow themselves up. This counts as an accidental kill, so it doesnt matter that the body will be found. The boat exit might be the easiest since its the closest, but you may also make your way to the bridge or the main road again with the time it takes for the kill to pay out.

Advanced route

This is a fast Silent Assassin route that requires a few items that you'll need to have unlocked throughout the Hitman 3 campaign. However, it's still a tough test for even experienced players.

The most common sedative medicine weve chosen is the modern sedative syringe from The Gluttony Gobbling.

From the start point, exit the house down the main stealth path. Vault the wall and cross the stream to get into the grounds. Vault into the front garden, then get into the tall shrubs to the right of the main entrance. There is an open window here that you can vault into. See below for a map reference for this window.

This door leads you to the mansion. Now go out the locked door to your left, take the left exit across the hallway, and go past the housekeeper. Turn right at the end of the corridor, next to the trolley, and go down the kitchen door. See below for a map reference for this door.

Use the Sieker 1 to shoot your first target, the chef. Turn around, go back down the corridor, turn left, and take the first entrance on the left. This leads to the bathroom. Grab your melee weapon out of your briefcase and wait for the first target to arrive. Kill him and conceal his body in the trunk.

Once youve hidden Roes' body, go out of the bathroom and return to the kitchen door. This time youre going to go through the door that is straight ahead and leads outside. Move around the housekeeper and vault over the wall to your right as soon as you get to the door. This gets you behind the van. Pick up your tranquilizer pistol from the box on the right.

Now, you must go down the stairs ahead of you and then head left to the bedroom. Be cautious here because there's a housekeeper on the balcony.

Use your sedative to exorcise the housekeeper. Now you have to wait for the ideal moment to strike inside. Burk. Hell enter and examine the deceased body with an entourage of bodyguards. Wait for him to leave, and then wait for the bodyguard in the room to move to the right. When he does, tranquilize him, and then tranquilize the housekeeper on the left-hand side of the room.

Now, you must quickly conceal the housekeepers body in the nearby wardrobe. Next, open the secret entrance in the bookcase and hide the bodyguard there. Stay inside and wait for Burk to return. When his bodyguard comes to the wall near the secret door, open the door and wait for Burk to busy himself with the body.

After Burk begins to examine the body, move out and subdue the bodyguard. This may be simpler with a thrown object. Then, use your melee weapon to defy Burk. Leave both bodies and go to the nearest exit. Keep in mind, though, that you'll earn more XP if you use the boat exit.