In Fallout 76, the Wendigo Cave is a location

In Fallout 76, the Wendigo Cave is a location ...

Feral Ghouls are a major part of the Fallout franchise, and you can certainly find plenty of them in Fallout 76. Certain Ghouls, however, are more dangerous. They are called Wendigos and they are very powerful. Imagine that they are the Deathclaw of the Ghoul family. You would be foolish to go near one of these creatures at an early level. The Wendigo Cave is a great place to look for these creatures.

Wendigo Cave location

The Wendigo Cave is not a place you should go to early in the game. As a new player, you will want to stick around the forest region. Once you have leveled up a bit and acquired some strong gear, move on to the eastern side of the map and the Savage Divide region.

The Wendigo Cave is located south of Fort Atlas, which is a free fast travel location that you may use later in the game to get to this area for free. You can also find the Wendigo cave east of The Sludge Hole and northwest of Berkeley Springs. There is a cave on the map that marks its location.

What to do at Wendigo Cave

If you happen to be in the vicinity, you will be able to enter Wendigo Cave before the main quest, and you will find plenty of dead bodies of soldiers who died inside. There are four magazine spawn locations in this cave, as well as plenty of Glowing Fungus and Brain Fungus to gather.