On Roblox Apeirophobia, how do I get through level 7?

On Roblox Apeirophobia, how do I get through level 7? ...

As players try to survive and escape, Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity, and the Roblox experience clings heavily to that definition throughout the experience.

Each stage of Apeirophobia presents a new challenge to players, as well as bringing about new fears and environments that players must overcome. The seventh level, known as The End and The Library, is the first puzzle level in the game that players will need to overcome.

The Library

At the completion of level 6, players are led into a new room, where they will find an oddly abandoned library. Located near the center is a computer console, and around the library are small shapes of various colors.

The first step is to look over every shelf in the library and make a note of how many times a single color appears. If more players try this at the same time, the count might be skewered. The possibilities are Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Purple, and Orange.

For this stage, where the colors are, and how many colors are found per shelf, is irrelevant. Merely note how many times a single color is found, for future reference.

On the computer, a legend is discovered that determines the order of the colors. This order determines how to input the code to escape this level, and is written based on the priority. For this code, the quantity of the color is placed first, then is followed by the number of the color.


So three objects of the Red color are written as 31. Four objects in the library that are Purple would be written as 46. We based this on priority, which is the same as the number within the table.

When players find three objects that are Orange (37), two objects that are Grey (24) and one object that is Red (11), the computer will prompt them to enter this number, which will, if done correctly, give them a four-digit code to escape this level.