Why Was Skull Town So Polarizing In Apex Legends?

Why Was Skull Town So Polarizing In Apex Legends? ...

Kings Canyon was notably absent from Apex Legends' twelfth season, Saviors. This is probably due to the fact that players have had a long enough break from Apex Legends' first map to be prepared to return and wreak havoc in it again.

Legends are indeed returning to Kings Canyon, as seen in Hunted's trailers. New map rotations, updated points of interest (POIs) and, most shocking of all, the spiritual return of the map's infamous Skull Town will be revealed this coming August 9. However, before anyone can go into Relic, the new POI that will take place at the original location, it pays to pay attention to the specifics.

The 'Fun' Never Stopped in Skull Town

Skull Town was a POI included in the original Kings Canyon map. Nestled between Marketplace and Thunderdome, it was the place most players would withdraw once the match started. The layout and overall size of Skull Town allowed for several close and mid-range battles.

As they walked between buildings, players could scuffle with one another, forming nice close-range battles similar to those found in a Call of Duty game. Those looking for the ultimate height advantage would reposition themselves on top of one of the two gigantic towers at the center of the POI or atop the skeleton overlooking the town.

Skull Town Hurt Kings Canyons' Longevity

Skull Town drew the attention of almost every squad in the lobby, regardless of how far they went in the dropship's path. This in turn increased the POI's notoriety. Not everyone wants to drop in Skull Town immediately, because everyone in the area will be fighting for loot.

Skull Town was also a bad place to keep matches going long. By the time the initial dust settled on the POI, there would be ten or even fewer squads remaining in the game. Most players saw Skull Town as a quick Team Deathmatch location.

In Apex Legends' fifth season, Fortune's Favor, Respawn Entertainment made the correct decision, forcing players to retreat to other less populated locations. This allowed the developer to see where it might enhance the map further and compete with the newer maps in the game. But as time went on and Kings Canyon became smaller and smaller, Respawn Entertainment must have realized that the time was near.

Only time will tell whether Relic lives up to the reputation of Skull Town or becomes a shadow of it. The new POI retains some of the characteristics that made the map so famous (the close-knit buildings and massive skull, for instance) but it doesn't appear as big as its older brother. This was intentional, because the smaller POI would draw fewer squads and increase gameplay in the map's other locations.

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