The Tera Raids of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Could Change The Game

The Tera Raids of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Could Change The Game ...

After months of silence, The Pokemon Company held a Pokemon Presents event that included a long Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer as well as an overview trailer that detailed all of the features revealed so far. New Gen 9 Pokemon were also shown, including the first regional variant revealed thus far in the form of Paldean Wooper, a pocket monster that closely resembles its Johtonian cousin, although with different colors and an interesting type combination.

The Terastal phenomenon, which is explained in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's third teaser, is a game mechanic that allows Pokemon to change their existing type or type combination to a specific type that's dictated by their Tera affinity, thus reaping all of their strengths and weaknesses until the end of the battle.

Why Are Tera Raids a Valuable Pokemon Addition to Scarlet and Violet?

The Raid and Max Raid battles from Pokemon Sword and Shield were among the finest Gen 8 upgrades due to their replayability ability, which can at times be quite bleak compared to the rest. Instead, Raid battles allowed players to grind for more powerful pocket monsters or ones with the unique Gigantamax feature, which is a more powerful variation of the regular Dynamaxing phenomenon.

Tera Pokemon are critters that have their own Tera type, which can be any of the existing eighteen types in the series. If players Terastallize these specific creatures, then they will become their main and only type, which is now used in the Raid battles in Gen 9, so finding trainers that have a rare Tera type will be a top concern for many gamers.

The ability to defeat Terastallized Pokemon in Raids makes these confrontations even more enjoyable than Gen 8, because fighting the same set of Pokemon doesn't necessarily mean that the encounter itself will be like other ones before it. Each individual Tera type could have a different impact on the outcome, strategy, and how to select the Pokemon.

Tera Raids might provide exceptional occasions to come by rare Tera types that would otherwise be unobtainable due to their availability. Both features for the iconic critter are shown in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's pre-order bonus, which also includes the ability Fly already learned.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 18.