Three Hopes For Battalions in Fire Emblem Warriors

Three Hopes For Battalions in Fire Emblem Warriors ...

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, battalions were a new gameplay mechanic. A battalions excel in a weapon category, but their endurance and effectiveness would vary depending on their ranking.

Combat in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is fast-paced and less reliant on real-time strategy. However, units must upgrade their Authority if they want access to the finest battalions Three Hopes has to offer.

Battalion Information and Tips

The Battalion Facility is where players may purchase battalions and discard them when Chapter 4 is cleared. Players will only have access to low-ranking battalions (Rank E-D) at the start. Also, players will need to discard battalions to make room.

Select a battalion in the Convoy and equip it. Under the equipment slots (ex: weapons and accessories) there is a battalion category. Like any other accessory, select a battalion to assign to the unit.

Check which Class your unit is assigned when equipping battalions. If it's a sword-wielding unit, like a Trickster, then equip a battalion that will decrease damage from lances. Other battalions will reduce damage from bows, brawling/fists, and tomes.

Remembering the weapon triangle will make assigning battalions simpler:

  • Swords beats Axes
  • Axes beat Lances
  • Lances beat Swords

A Pegasus Knight will still be susceptible to bows when assigned a battalion. It will, nevertheless, reduce some damage suffered by the player. If players want to eliminate weapon weaknesses, they should equip their unit with a special equipment.

The first upgrade to the Battalion Facility will allow players to acquire Rank D battalions. Additional upgrades to the Facility will:

  • Reduce the costs of battalions
  • Increase the endurance of battalions
  • Increase the number of battalions that can be hired
  • Allow higher-ranking battalions to be hired

The Reaper Knights battalion (Rank C) reduces damage from swords by 70%, but its endurance is only 1,430. The Gautier Knights is a Rank B battalion that reduces damage from swords by 55% with an endurance of 2,600. Battalions can't be upgraded individually, so it might be time to replace one.

Higher-leveled Classes at the Training Instructor will increase Authority. In Three Hopes, Byleth and the other professors aren't there to teach the students. Simply master Classes and unlock new ones with various Seals, and eventually, a unit will reach Rank A Authority with little concern.

How to Unlock More Battalions

Most battalions will be unlocked by completing paralogues and looking over the War Map. In fact, all paralogues will reward players with special Rank A battalions, indicated by their golden symbol and strong endurance. They also serve as the S Rank Reward, so review the S Rank requirements before deploying.

Players may unlock paralogues by completing the Main Quests, but they'll also want to recruit additional allies. The Ashen Wolves can be recruited no matter which house Shez joins (albeit in various chapters depending on the route) and having all of them can unlock the Ashen Wolves' Reunion paralogue. The Mockingbird's Thieves, a sword-based battalion

Players may survey markers indicated by a glowing, light blue orb while performing side quests on the War Map. Sometimes, an NPC will offer two different battalions. Choosing one leads to a loss of interest in the other. Fortunately, most non-paralogue battalions obtained from the War Map, especially early on, are fairly weak.

If players choose to carry over all battalions and Battalion Facility upgrades when playing a New Game Plus, they will be carried over.

Three Hopes: Fire Emblem Warriors is now available on Nintendo Switch.