Every Character In The Game Is MultiVersus

Every Character In The Game Is MultiVersus ...

MultiVersus is poised to enter the fighting game scene with a strong competitor. Super Smash Bros. Bros. Bros. The game itself seems heavily inspired by the popular Nintendo fighting game. Yet, to fight against or with friends as Batman or Bugs Bunny is the ridiculous kind of fun that the gaming scene requires, considering collaborations seem infinite in games like Fortnite.

The platform fighter allows players to fulfill their fantasy matchup dreams, as new characters are announced to the already legendary roster. Each fighter brings their individual flair and flair to the game.

19 Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez is well-known for his alcoholism, green portal weapon, and his ability to outthink anyone in the multiverse.

Rick is no stranger to the space/time continuum and has saved it, begrudgingly, dozens of times. As a Mage/ Ranged character, Rick adds a lot of science to the game.

18 Morty Smith

Morty Smtih, always accompanied by his grandfather, Rick Sanchez, uses the aw geez in any fight. He has been dragged across the universe, and now, thanks to MultiVersus, he has been dragged into a multiverse battle with a plethora of characters.

Morty is a Bruiser character in the game, and will most likely apologize or whine with every punch he throws. This is, naturally, due to his optimistic and innocent attitude toward the universe.

17 LeBron James

LeBron James has a long list of NBA championships, MVPs, and Olympic gold medals to his name. The real-life person is a champion of basketball and is regarded as a wonderful teammate.

Thanks to his spectacular adventure in Space Jam: A New Legacy, LeBron is included in MultiVersus as a member of the Tune Squad. Players can expect him to punch out a lot of punches against him.

16 The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant landed off the coast of Rockwell, Maine, in 1957, and discovered his human heart after being discovered by a young boy named Hogarth Hughes. He may have been designed as a weapon, but he is far from a weapon.

The Iron Giant is a protector of the innocents, and as a Tank character, will do anything to emulate his hero. The film of Iron Giants is brimming with emotion and passion, and its great to see him return for this game.

15 The Tasmanian Devil

Taz's gibberish may be difficult to comprehend, but as a Bruiser character, it isnt his words that players should look out for. Taz is well-known for his Taz-nado, where he spins in a ball of manic energy.

Taz may be as sweet as a kitten on the hyperactive battlefield of MultiVersus for this Looney Tunes character.

14 Velma Dinkley

Velma, one of Mystery, Inc.'s leading and intelligent members, knows how to solve a mystery involving a masked ghost. Yet, MultiVersus puts her brawn to the test as she performs her Support role in the game.

Velma will be a platform battlegrounds staple, and there are plenty of glasses to be lost with all of the chaos going on.

13 Arya Stark

Arya rejected being a lady married to a knight in favor of becoming the queen herself. Armed with her sword, Needle, this Assassin character will intimidate all who oppose her.

Thanks to the Faceless Man, Arya has evolved into a deadly swordsman and is now seeking for vengeance on the many people of Westeros who have betrayed the Stark family. Hopefully, the characters in MultiVersus will not be included on the list.

12 Batman

The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, and The World's Greatest Detective

Batman's dedication pays off, considering he has no other superhuman abilities other than his sheer will. Batman is a powerful fighter and proves such as a Bruiser character.

11 Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is the star of the Looney Tunes franchise, always portrayed with sharp wit and a carrot to nibble on. Bugs Bunny ensures that Duck Season is always on his schedule.

Bugs is a Mage/ Ranged fighter who seems completely unconcerned with the looney antics of a multiverse fight. There's a long-running, bizarre battle to be had between Bugs and his foe.

10 Finn The Human

Finn the Human is an Assassin character who will do anything evil; it's his choice. Coming from the Land of Ooo in Adventure Time, Finn is a young warrior who loves quests and adventures.

Finn has a good temper, but no rage will prevent him from joining the forces of good. Finn will always be looking for villainy, and his foes should be careful.

9 Garnet

Garnet, a Steven Universe combination of Ruby and Saphhire, is the leader of the Crystal Gems, a group of extraterrestrial rebels with unique abilities.

Garnet is known to be a puncher, and being a Bruiser is the ideal class for Garnet to demonstrate how capable she is.

8 Harley Quinn

Love makes you do bizarre things, and in Harley Quinn's case, it can make someone stop their promising psychiatrist career to enter a world of villainy. Harley Quinn has played both sides of morality and settled as an anti-hero.

It's unwise to leave a back exposed to Harley Quinn because it's unclear whether she'll hug it, stagger it, or punch it, especially as an Assassin character from this DC Comics jester.

7 Jake The Dog

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are an inseparable duo of best friends and brothers, escaping the wild of Adventure Time. Jake the Dog has great stretchy powers, which will come in handy due to his Bruiser style.

Jake is a wonderful hero and adventurer, and has a great passion for slapping big bad guy butts.

6 Reindog

Reindog, a Support character who has existed for over 165 years, is first seen in MultiVersus for the first time. During the great dimensional catastrophe, Reindog saw his home become a victim of the Nothing.

Reindog proves that not all things fluffy and sweet are defenseless as he continues to look for ways to reclaim his long-lost beloved family.

5 Shaggy

Shaggy is usually seen shouting ZOINKS at anything that looks dangerous, either with his best friend Scooby-Doo or with a sandwich in his hand. Yet, as a Bruiser, Shaggy will turn the tables and make others shout ZOINKS.

Shaggy has promised to utilize his new powers to help the little guy overcome evil and protect him from the little guy. Don't get in the way of his lunch.

4 Steven Universe

Steven Universe is the only known hybrid of humans and Gem, spinning himself into a destiny that no one could predict on his journeys in the cosmos.

Steven assists in demonstrating to those on his team how great a heart he has and how his unstoppable drive and Gem powers will save the day.

3 Superman

Superman is the ideal hero every hero aspires to be. As a Tank character, Superman will support his team as a hero.

Superman, a DC Comics character, is a true inspiration to old and new heroes and wont allow anyone to harm the many innocents of the universe. Hopefully, no characters in MultiVersus will bring Kryptonite to any of the maps.

2 Tom And Jerry

The foes of Tom and Jerry can be fierce opponents as Mage/ Ranged characters, putting aside their differences. A cat and mouse should never be mortal cartoon foes, but Tom and Jerry prove that anything may work.

The duo may be funny and wacky, but their mayhem is powerful enough to put anyone in their path in harm's way.

1 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, an Amazon Princess and a Zeus daughter, is one of the most powerful female superheroes to grace not only DC Comics, but the whole multiverse. She is a feminist icon, being one of the most famous female superheroes. She fights evil with a sword and shield in MultiVersus.

Wonder Woman should be respected both by evil and good, both as a champion of peace and a compassionate leader. Countless villains will recognize the mistakes they make once they meet Wonder Woman.

MultiVersus is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.