5 Essential Suffering Strategies For The Sims 4: High School Years Expansion Pack

5 Essential Suffering Strategies For The Sims 4: High School Years Expansion Pack ...

The High School Years Expansion Pack from Sims 4 is the first expansion pack released since 2021. However, navigating the DLC might be as difficult as entering the freshman year homeroom. In this scenario, you will need advice from a worldly senior, who is me.

The release of the Expansion Packs coincided with a major base game change that included, among other things, a layer of scruffy realism with maintainable body hair options, customizable sexual orientation, curved walls, and unwanted instances of incest. For a week, both the base game and High School Years have been patrolled by nasty bugs, like Sims who are aging rapidly, and randomly becoming celebrities.

The Sims 4 series isn't a new season of an exploitative TLC series, but rather a fresh start. Sadly, unlike cystic acne, some problems don't clear up as easily. I'll tell you what to look out for and what to expect from Sims high school. And then I'll give you a wedgie.

Dont be old

Copperdale, a new world included in High School Years that includes three major attractions, is a must see attraction for all Sims, no matter their age group. Only teen Sims may take part in class.

Gaming! Utilizes exclusive ultra-fast wireless technology to ensure that your mouse performs better than you expect, can be sued together with special software for exceptional customization, and has 11 buttons to mess around with, a hyper-fast scroll wheel, and RGB lighting too.

High School Years are often referred to as a sleeveless veil. Typically, you send students off to school when prompted, they melt into the ether, and they return home when school has passed, and you may supervise your teen Sims through classes, exams, and prom-posing.

If your preferred Sim is a disgruntled young adult, youll still be able to get access to a slew of cute hairstyles, outfits, and Euphoria-ready makeup looks. Kids and toddlers may also cash in on some of these hairstyles.

Young adult Sims may still join the high school cheerleading or football teams, which seems to be illegal. They may also be eligible for access to the High School Years careers streamer and influencer, which, as you know, anyone under the age of 25 is required to pursue under divine law.

Lose your mind with meta screen time

Social Bunny is a Sims Twitter app that you can access by tapping on the phone icon in the bottom left of your screen. Depending on the occasion, you can accept and send friend requests to Sims you meet and send friendly, flirty, or mean messages or tag them in posts. However, be mindful that typetargeted messages may adversely affect your relationship with Sims for the better or worse.

Bug warning: I Social Bunnyd often in the hope of boosting my following as a career streamer, but despite all the angry emojis that got left on my homewrecking character Beef Beefers posts, that follow count did not decrease. Is there any hate following? It's quite hilarious, and, I suspect, a bug.

I noticed that sent DMs and their replies appeared out of order, and that my Sim started DMing themselves. I understand that social media can easily bring about a sick person's mind, but damn.

Buy new stuff

ThriftTea is a new store where you can hang out with and meet other kids, sip on eight-simolean teas, and pick up new outfits to style and send out on Trendi, a Depop-backed fashion resale app. Earning money, and, more importantly, notoriety as a Simfluencer.

With all of this and a limited school budget, Copperdale High is awash with new home and school items aimed at teen tastes. I installed a loud speaker in the cafeteria that only played electronic music.

If you order high school years before September 8, you'll get a gaming chair, LED panels for your wall, and a wireless speaker. So play endless mirrors with your gaming Sims and God, why don't you?

Work hard, if you can

The grade you receive in High School isnt all that important. I guess it's just that you're a tiny person in a computer rather than a little person in the world. You can check out both classes by clicking on your Sim, selecting the high school option, and looking at your calendar.

The class isnt that intense, but youll need to grab your pencil out at the correct time. You can complete homework by selecting it in your inventory, or choose to study on your own with the high school option. The principal can also revoke your permission if you are caught outside your classroom for any reason during class time, but as far as I can tell, all students are allowed to graduate.

Bug warning: I went to school. I went to class. I sat down. Nothing happened.I restarted the game. I restarted the app. Nothing happened.

The most frustrating and time consuming part of playing High School Years was actually getting my high school diploma. The only thing I could do during an active class was prank the white board by supposedly writing the b-word (butt) on it. I was able to study and do homework since you can control those things manually, but my Sim never once opened their book during class time.

Play hard, if you can

There are a wide variety of on-campus leisure activities you may participate in, such as science fairs, career fairs, and pranks. Every Friday, there is a football and cheerleading competition, which you can purchase from your locker.

To claim a locker, go to the school and select it. Youll be prompted to purchase an item from it or customize it with different colors, such as dark academia, goth, or gamer. Yes, teens like gamer.

By clicking on a button and selecting a stink capsule, you can sabotage someone else's locker. Although your Sim will inevitably die, and your high school will likely have a negligence lawsuit.

Teen Sims may now be permitted to peek out of windows if they survive another day or are invited to an epic nighttime event, which is fun and sneaky. A number of new WooHoo spots may also be available for teens, such as on fairgrounds or on campus. I tried to romance my Sims teacher and couldnt.

Bug warning: I had some problems with fairs not starting properly or starting only halfway. For instance, on a Friday football competition, lots of Sims were there and one was giving a speech, but no one touched the footballs. My Sim was forced to grieve the lack of veggie hot dog.

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack is packed with new items, gameplay mechanics, and locations to explore, no doubt about it. However, it still contains bugs that make exploration less enjoyable. You might, however, find a book called Love in the Time of Sandwiches in the school library and have fun anyway.