Faye Winter, who plays Jack on Love Island, criticizes the cast of 2022

Faye Winter, who plays Jack on Love Island, criticizes the cast of 2022 ...

Faye Winter, a former Love Island participant, has chastised the cast of 2022 for bringing the property under current management.

Faye was a regular contributor to the ITV2 reality dating program in 2021, and she was awarded third overall with her boyfriend Teddy Soares, who she still loves today.

The reality star is concerned about the number of people who enter the villa with the intention of gaining fame rather than love.

Faye explained while talking on FUBAR Radio last night (August 4). "Some people have already gone into the management role. They're already setting up agreements. So, they already know what they're going into there for.

"I went in there with 1,000 followers, I took a vacation from work, I was like 'I'm coming back,' and then I was obviously in there for eight weeks."

After the show, Faye talked about her refusal to work with fast fashion firms, as many contestants go on to do. Instead, she is a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs UK, a charity she had previously volunteered for.

"I came out and I was like, 'I don't want to do fast fashion,' she said. "It's not me.' Several people said to me, 'We don't really know what to do with you." Because I want to do property. I want to do dogs. And that's what I've done before.

Faye later admitted to Teddy that she came out with precisely what I went in there for. It's weird because that's what people always say to me, 'Oh my god, you and Teddy,' and I'm like when we went there, we were from completely different parts of the United Kingdom, and we never would have met.

"So, we have to give Love Island everything and every thanks."

Love Island is available on ITV2 and via Catch Up on ITV Hub and Britbox.