Tom Sturridge of The Sandman explains that "embarrassing" naked moment in episode 1

Tom Sturridge of The Sandman explains that "embarrassing" naked moment in episode 1 ...

There are a few spoilers for The Sandman.

The Sandman has finally been made for screen, and is now available on Netflix as ten hour-long episodes that are well worth the 30-year wait.

Tom Sturridge, a British actor who plays Morpheus in Dream, is the anchor of the cast.

In episode one, viewers are introduced to Sturridge as Morpheus, who is trapped in a glass bubble and, well, completely naked.

Sturridge described what it's like to literally have the 'naked dream' (you know, the one where you go to work or school and you've forgotten to get dressed) and that it was "less" than what Morpheus could narrate for him because it wasn't a dream at all.

"For me as an actor, this is what it is," he said. "It was painful. It was my first month on set. No one knew me. You're like, 'Hey, this is me!'

"I was in that sphere, and they couldn't open it, because it took too long. And because it's a glass sphere, you can't have a blanket in between shots, because it's glass, and the blanket would still be there when you shot."

"So Im literally just sitting there for hours," says the author, and when people say, 'Hi,' he said, "So that was that."

Nevertheless, the nudity, however unsettling Sturridge may have felt, was crucial to demonstrating how his character had been stripped of everything during his imprisonment.

"It was very important," said the character. "One of the things about Morpheus is that his situation, that century of imprisonment, is the most dangerous he's ever been in.

"And Morpheus is a person who, you know, appears to be invincible. And to examine that opening inside of him, which I think is the arc of his story within our season, the arc of someone who begins to feel because they've been broken open."

Season 1 of The Sandman is now available on Netflix.