Sofia Rosinsky on How She's Inspired by Alec Guinness and Nailing Mac's Aggressive Energy in 'Paper Girls'

Sofia Rosinsky on How She's Inspired by Alec Guinness and Nailing Mac's Aggressive Energy in 'Paper  ...

In the Prime Video adaptation of Paper Girls, Sofia Rosinsky gives a unique performance as Mac Coyle.

Mac is the very first paperboy in Stony Stream to be non-boy. Tiff, Fina Strazzas KJ, and the newest papergirl, Riley Lai Nelets Erin. Their paths meet in the early hours of the morning on November 1, 1988, aka Hell Day.

Rosinsky's performance, in particular, is so specific to her skillset and her interpretation of the character that it's hard to imagine anyone else bringing Mac to life with such charisma and color. It's something that suggests that whatever that special item may be, Rosinsky has it.

While im willing to wager that much of this is pure and natural talent, Rosinsky was fortunate enough to be exposed to a lot of classic cinema at a young age. When asked what she aspires to be, here's what she said during an episode of Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party.

Im gonna put my name down to Betty Davis, Carol Kane, Alec Guinness, Alan Arkin, and Jose Ferrer. One of the things that really draws me towards him, whether it's Giulietta Masina or any of the others that I've just named, is that they're all chameleons. You're just seeing him. I'm not trying to be a chameleon.

Rosinsky aspires to be a chameleon like the acting greats, but she is also driven to be a positive force on set when the cameras arent rolling.

Gary Sinise was introduced to me on a Criminal Minds episode I remember years and years ago, and I just remember his generosity and warmth. He had such a warm disposition, and I really admire that. He treated everyone with such respect and charm, and I really enjoyed that.

Is this a chameleon who can bring warmth and generosity to the table? I cant imagine a better combination.

We began our discussion about Rosinsky's work on Paper Girls, starting by examining how her Mac differed from what she brought to her audition to what we see in the finished product.

The Mac I presented in the audition didn't have the same kind of sprightly, up, active, kind of aggressive energy as I brought in the program. She appeared to be a lot straighter, flatter, straightforward, kind of dead-eyed stare sort of Mac, and in the show she seems to have a bit more of a sort of up-in-arms, getting out, throwing stuff at people sort of thing.

When asked what she thought of Jones, Strazza, and Nelet's inner light, Rosinsky crushes one sassy line after the next, and one F-bomb after the next.

The song Steppin' Out reminds me of her. She just has this particular sparkle in her eyes, and she acts like a fairy. She has this same inner light inside her that keeps you transfixed. I think this is quite unique as a result of her allowing that inner light to shine through every single time that you see her.

Rosinsky continued by highlighting the sweet joy Strazza brings to the role of KJ:

Fina, when she is playing KJ, has this sweet and sad quality to her, and it just melts your heart. Yet she is so protective and so strong, and she doesnt realize it, and it's very beautiful. I'd say just by seeing her go through all of these emotions, you're left speechless.

Rosinsky was particularly drawn to Nelet's ability to infuse personality at the appropriate moments in her work:

I would say she can be so calm and cool and then, for instance, when she leaves the house and goes [raises her arms] like that after she talks to her mom, youre really rooting for her. And shell be in a moment or something, shell be listening to something, and then shell suddenly cracks a smile like that, and I just think that's the coolest thing; quickly you see just a quick spark and side of her. It's really wonderful.

Do you want to know more about Rosinsky's time making Paper Girls? There's a lot more from where this came from! You can see Rosinsky's entire episode of Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party in the video at the top of this article, or you can listen to the conversation in podcast form below.

The entire eight episodes of Paper Girls are now available to watch on Prime Video!