MultiVersus's way to exploit knockback influence

MultiVersus's way to exploit knockback influence ...

Multiversus, a character brawler, takes its inspiration from Super Smash Bros. in many ways. Even casual players may recognize the mechanic of directional influence, which allows players to control the direction in which their character sails across the screen. Like its Smash Bros. counterpart, it allows players to survive potentially fatal impacts. This guide will teach you why knockback influence is so important and how to not die as much in the game.

[Ed. note: MultiVersus has also developed a knockback influence tutorial, but it appears to be unreliable at the time of publication. Some players have pushed a completion by pressing the PlayStation or Xbox home button in addition to the directional stick movements indicated.]

When your character is damaged in MultiVersus, it increases a number at the bottom of the screen. Different attacks cause that number to increase different amounts; the more your character gets thrown back and stunned by attacks. There is a way to outlast a high percentage of your character and avoid becoming demons.

How to use directional influence to survive

Heavily damaged players in MultiVersus have some influence on how they move while flying across the screen. Players may aim at a wall to hold their momentum, or they may aim towards a point that will avoid certain doom with enough practice. Even if your fighter's percentage numbers are in the danger zone, they will have a second chance.

To do this, you need to first pay attention and respond to what direction youve been launched in. After getting hit and being sent flying, hold the control stick in the direction youd like to go.

Holding the control stick in the opposite direction isnt as simple as holding the control stick to the right if youve been launched to the left. This will most likely save you some time from having to return to the stage.

Other uses of directional influence

Multiversus, the platform fighter that follows Smash Bros., has other directional influences as well. One that youll find yourself employing as much as knockback influence is combo directional influence. This involves moving the control stick in a certain direction to avoid conflicts. Many times youll be avoiding losing early lives to combos that don't account for directional influence.

As with Smash, the direction you want to go for will vary from combo to combo. However, the proven and proven method that may save you from many situations especially in this very early beta meta is to simply hold away from your attacker. This will slowly pull you out of the attackers onslaught.

In platform fighters, directional influence is one of your main defensive forces, and that remains true in MultiVersus. If you master it, you'll soon notice yourself doing a lot more surviving than exploding. Sometimes well over the 100% mark.